Austin Marsteller, a 2012 graduate of Kutztown Area High School, took a basic landscaping project for his horticulture class a step further when he ended up crafting a layout for the courtyard at the high school.

'He was the one that pushed this ,' Celeste Ball, agriculture instructor who has taught at Kutztown for 15 years, said. 'I was just happy with the drawing!'

'It's something I enjoy,' Marsteller said, and it has quickly become a passion of his. He began several years ago by doing small jobs and mowing grass for people, but it wasn't until this past summer when he really gained an interest in it, he said.

'I worked full-time for a landscaper and I'm actually going to Penn State Main Campus for turfgrass science and landscape contracting.'

This isn't the first time a student has turned a class project into a reality. A lot of the landscaping at the school, the front entrances in particular, were all projects, Ball said.

Marsteller spent two days at the school working on the courtyard.

'I was done with school at that point,' he said.

'It was the most miserable, hot weather,' Ball said, adding that not just any high school senior on the brink of graduation would come back to school after finishing finals to do something like this.

Marsteller hopes to one day open his own landscaping business, but 'landing a big-time superintendent job at a golf course would be just as good.'

'I think he's got a great future,' Ball said.

Marsteller looks forward to starting at Penn State Main Campus a little earlier than most: he moves in June 24 and will start summer session. Penn State has a strong turfgrass science program and he hopes to get involved with turfgrass science research and wants to take advantage of as many opportunities as he can.

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