Kutztown native follows in his father's footsteps

Tyler Reppert

Tyler Reppert grew up in Kutztown and now is following in his father's footsteps.

When he was about eight, he wanted to be a stock broker. Fulfilling that aspiration, he recently became a financial advisor at Stifel Nicolaus in Allentown.

'My dad (Dale Reppert) was a financial advisor for over 20 years until he had a brain infection that prevented him from pursuing the career further. I am trying to pick up where he left off and help people reach their financial goals,' said the 23-year-old Kutztown resident.

He graduated with a degree in finance from Millersville University last year and returned home to Kutztown.

'My family lives here and I grew up here,' said Reppert. 'I like the neighborhood, I like the area.'

Reppert finds finance interesting. He likes numbers.

'It's like a puzzle to me figuring out what is a good investment,' he said.

He feels that in this market today people need advice on what's going on and what to invest in.

'I enjoy helping people out a lot,' he said.

Reppert provides advice, trying to make it as simple as possible for them to reach their financial goals, noting that each person is different in their goals.

He has been working at Stifel Nicolaus since November where a family friend has taken him under his wing, Michael O'Keefe, branch manager with about 20 years experience in finance.

With the market, he said people are looking for ways to save money.

'Find someone that can give them an honest opinion without just trying to take advantage of them for their commission. I try to do what my Dad did and be honest with people,' he said. 'You really need to worry about the client over yourself and what you get paid.'

Being in the same field as his father, he enjoys being able to talk to him about finance. They talk more and having this in common has brought them closer.

'My dream would be to work with him but obviously that's not possible so this is the best case scenario,' working with someone he knows with a lot of experience and who is honest like his father.

'My Dad would probably help anyone out, he would do anything for someone for free just for the fact that it's helping someone out,' said Reppert.

His father gives lessons for free to kids in Kutztown.

'He's a good guy overall,' he said. 'It inspires me to do better everyday. It's what drives me in life.'

Reppert wants to be like his Dad. He hopes to do a good job and prove himself just like he did.

'When he started, he was my age and he was the youngest broker for Morgan Stanley,' he said.

Reppert is one of the youngest brokers at his firm.

'It feels like a similar story,' he said.

His life philosophy is to enjoy the moment, enjoy life.

A tennis player, Reppert was the first freshman to start in the number one position at Kutztown High. He now teaches tennis at the high school to high school and middle school youth on the weekends when he is not working. He is also joining the Lions Club.

To contact Reppert, call 610-782-5443 or email reppertt@stifel.com

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