It seems last week was the week to hold a public meeting.

Or at least, the last couple of weeks.

Come to think of it, there's usually a meeting every other day, it seems, in northern Berks County.

'But God, aren't those meetings boring?' you might ask.

'Not if you're going to them for the right reason,' I would respond.

I've been 'taught' that a lot of people don't go to municipal or communal meetings anymore, because they don't care about where they live.

I think it has something to do more with being busy, or just not knowing where and when a township or borough meeting takes place.

There's probably a lot of stigmas from people who don't go to meetings, if they want to.

Well, maybe they're too long and boring ...

Maybe nothing ever happens at any of them ...

I'don't understand anything that does happen when I go ....

I've seen what happens when the public attends meetings. The regular 'read down the agenda' meeting turns into a discussion between township residents and those running the township.

It's actually very interesting, if you ever get the chance to attend a crucial meeting, i.e. tax raising, something controversial, definitely go and speak your two cents.

These meetings are part of democracy, elected officials deciding the outcome of where you and your neighbor live.

That's got to grab you just a little bit, no?

I could be wrong, if I've failed to instill any bit of info involving the illustrious municipal meeting to you, then let me finish up by reaching out one last time.

These meetings, the decisions, the tasks and minutes, the old and new business, the executive sessions ... they will be around when your grandchildren's grandchildren are our age.

Let's make tomorrow a better day for them by being involved in the process.

Thanks for reading!

Matthew Reichl

Item Editor

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