Pavilions, improvements at Etchberger Memorial Park

Item Photo by Brian Dowlin Lowe's employees work on the construction of one new pavilion at Hamburg Memorial Park.

Enjoying the outdoors will be a lot easier at Etchberger Memorial Park in Hamburg when the new pavilions are constructed on the site.

As a part of the Cabela's Campfire and Lowe's Heroes programs, employees from the Tilden locations of both corporations volunteered their time and skills this week to make renovations at the park. Among the improvements to be executed are the construction of two 12x10 pavilions equipped with built-in charcoal grills and picnic tables.

'We're also doing the arts and crafts building. We're putting a whole new fresh coat of paint on the outside,' said Barbara Taylor, assistant store manager at Lowe's. 'We're going to redo the inside with the closets and do some upgrades up in there as well.'

Upgrades for the crafts building include the addition of shelving, lighting, ventilation, picnic tables and work areas.

Ron Leh, community involvement site sponsor for Cabela's, said the improvements at the park were determined after Cabela's spoke with Hamburg officials and asked what could be done for the borough. Cabela's also began communications with Lowe's three months ago, at which time research and fundraising were also started.

A cost estimate for all of the materials used to undertake the projects at the park was $3,000, according to Leh. But, that amount does not include the labor and materials donated by Kohler Landscapes of Kutztown, and landscape supplier AR Adams and Sons, two companies that also partnered with the project.

The initial seed money for the project came from Cabela's Campfire Committee, which provided $1,000 to the Tilden store for a community project; that money was then used to raise additional funds. The store had barbecues and bake sales for the employees in order to increase the fund total for the project

'Everything had to come from the employees,' said Leh. 'It could not be anything outside. So we couldn't set up out front and sell it to the customers.'

Between the employees from Cabela's and Lowe's who volunteered their time for the project, over 50 workers from the two stores are involved with the effort. They expect to complete the pavilions Wednesday and then place the roofs on the structures Thursday.

At the completion of the venture on Thursday, all employees who volunteered their time will enjoy a barbecue at the park.

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