Presenting goods at the Schuylkill County Fair

1941 Farmall H

At this year's Schuylkill County Fair, which ran from July 30 to Aug. 4, two families from the Hamburg area presented their unique goods for those who were interested.

On one side of the fair, Harold and Sandra Sunday were showing off tractors that have been taken to fairs since around 2004.

The tractors were refurbished antiques; they included such models as a Farmall-H from 1941 and a 1944 Ford 2N. The tractors were also competing, being judged mainly on how good a shape they're in for being so old.

Compared to these antique tractors, said Harold Sunday, 'new tractors are much bigger.'

On the other side of the fair, the Werley family-headed here by Phillip and Matthew Werley-brought in a wide sample of dairy cattle from their different family farms to compete.

The Werley family extends a good amount, now including grandchildren participants among the original children.

'This is how you get last names like Johnson and Davis and such,' said Pam Shealer, sister of Matthew Werley, who is the son of Phillip Werley.

The cattle samples were from all different age groups-the oldest being Gina, who was born in October of 2010, and the youngest Miranda, who was born this year on March 5.

Shealer saw an advantage in Miranda being born so close to the beginning date of her age group.

'The age group begins from March 1,' Shealer said, 'so you want to try and bring calfs born early in the class because in a three-month age group period, if you have that three months for a calf to grow, it's going to grow a lot.'

For his own part, Harold Sunday most enjoys the socializing at these fairs, with 'a lot of people interested in the same thing.'

Harold said he especially enjoys 'the older people who might recognize they see. Parents, grandparents-they usually think back on that.'

The Werley family has been going to fairs for almost 30 years now-'as long as I can remember,' said Matthew, who is 21.

Sometimes they go for competitions, sometimes just to show-but on the best part of it all, Shealer agrees with Sunday.

'You're here every day,' Shealer said, 'and you're seeing people who live an hour or two away who you don't normally see, but you've made good friends with.'

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