Recognized by the U.S. Postmaster General

Photo Supplied Terry Clay (left) and Nancy Jo Gough were recognized for their professionalism and superior service to customers as mail carriers for the Bernville Post Office.

Two local mail carriers were recognized by the Postmaster General of the United States of America for their professionalism and superior service to customers.

A customer of the Bernville Post Office wrote to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and commended the 'excellent service and personal attention' he received from rural carrier Terry Clay and rural carrier associate Nancy Jo Gough in regards to the medications he received through the mail. The Bernville resident expressed in the letter that the mail carriers showed concern by asking him how he was doing each day they delivered to his residence and also by carrying items to his door.

In recognition of their professionalism, Clay and Gough both received signed letters from Donahoe and Central Pennsylvania District Manager Dale Walker. Donahoe's letter stated that he 'personally appreciated' the services provided to customers by the carriers and Walker's letter thanked the carriers for representing the United States Postal Service as true professionals and for providing a meaningful experience to customers.

'You don't ever get a letter from the Postmaster General,' said Bernville Postmaster Karen Yoder. 'They were both very surprised. They didn't know that this man (the customer) even did this (sent the letter to the Postmaster General).'

Clay was surprised when he received recognition for his work, and said that his fellow mail carriers perform similar tasks.

'What I've done, everybody else here has done,' said Clay, of Mohrsville, who has worked for the USPS for 22 years. 'I guess I felt I didn't go the 'extra mile'.'

The interaction with the customers is the most enjoyable aspect of the job, according to Clay.

'They're like family to me,' he said.

Gough, who likewise enjoys the interaction with the customers on the mail route, said she feels undeserving of the honor and that Clay is the one who should receive recognition.

'I'm flattered very much, but honestly, Terry's the one that truly deserves it,' said Gough, of Leesport, who has worked as a mail carrier for 5 ½ years. 'Terry's full-time, so he deals with the customers much more than I do. But, also, Terry trained me.'

Gough also deferred praise to the entire team of employees at the Bernville Post Office, as she stated each of the workers there deserves the recognition. She said each individual at the Bernville location is an exemplary employee.

'I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was lucky,' said Gough, who transferred to the Leesport Post Office in order to acquire more hours of work. 'But for me to personally get it, I'm shocked, amazed and I'm honored.'

Clay also appreciated the recognition.

'It was nice to be acknowledged for the hard work I do,' said Clay.

Prior to Clay and Gough receiving the honor, Yoder was asked by Donahoe and Walker if the information in the letter from the customer was true. In response, Yoder wrote a letter back and concurred with the customer's claims.

'They watch out for their elderly and their ill, as well as for everyone on their route. They're just two very good carriers,' said Yoder.

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