This New Year 2010, the weak dollar has some good aspects. Manufacturers have been looking at the value of the 'almighty' dollar as it favors making their product for less money once again in the USA.

We are now in 2010, in the midst of having to make the greatest decision in our lives since the Great Depression of the 30s.

The Depression brought about the necessity for the masses to change their thinking. It opened opportunities for many of us.

It brought changes that created new and greater relief than ever before. Let's hope that today's weak dollar doesn't turn into another recessional collapse.

In this new year, if we still have a few bucks, maybe it's time to put some money into foreign investments with a chance of survival even if the 'almighty' dollar doesn't.

In the word of business it has happened again and again. Take the newest rimple: the newspaper business. They are now facing problems. It is not due to the currency or economic downturn. Blame the Internet and their free news articles that are making some newspapers obsolete.

Must our weeklies and dailies create new format or models to stay alive?

It can happen to all of us. We must make changes in our lives. Instead of being negative and worrying about what might happen, we should look for opportunities being presented.

What opportunities? They are out there! We must have to be open to them. There are 'means and methods' that can open your minds to the openings bring presented in your life.

Think of all the problems that many other people may have. Finding that those folks have the same problems you have, opens the door to an opportunity. That may well be the solution to your problem.

Be a problem solver. Develop a new career for yourself. Isn't that the way to go?

Once you have the right concept you will look at problems as a great thing. The right precept is the key.

Have an optimistic attitude in everything presented to you. Be persistent in the midst of any difficulties. Look for ways to overcome the 'so-called' problems. When you can, find others to help you. It's late in life for this old guy.

I try not to lose touch with reality, to be perceptive, aware and conscious of my limited abilities. I'm only as smart as I can be - unfortunately. (No index finger in the clouds). I need to have the sensation of comfortable accord and contact with my contemporaries. I hate to be misunderstood, it makes me freak out.

Apparently the great need and desire to draw my cartoons and to write is inborn. Being somewhat versatile, I tend to fluctuate between those two daily quests in an attempt to broach something digestible for my readers. 'It just don't come easy!' I hem and haw with a doggedness and pluck to stick it out until I finally manage to conquer the indecision.

Then, all of a sudden I come up with a resolution. 'Stand firm, let it flow, see what happens!' I make it a habit to sit at my word processor/computer or drawing board for several hours everyday. If I fail, it's not from a lack of application. Any success I may achieve covers a multitude of blunders. Success and failure are two of the hardest things to manipulate.

What must be shall be. The day of judgment will come soon enough. Until then, I can only trust that the hereafter ultimately sees fit to see me as having been more of a commonsensical visionary than an empty-headed imprudent dreamer (with his head in the clouds).

I've been cautioned not to talk about myself. 'It will be done after you've gone!' I have a great imagination. I even imagine people read my columns.

My opinion of my writing endeavors is neither inflated or deflated. I don't write all that good, but I don't write too bad either.

Oh well, for many years I've been an unknown failure, now I've become a renowned 'come to nothing disaster.' But, I do have fun!

I'd like to think I help keep this weekly paper alive.

When I tell anyone how I spend three to four hours any morning writing one of my weekly columns, I get the feeling they don't know writing is real work.

The occasional magazine article is something else again. That is why I don't try writing a book.

There are many of my war time contemporaries that haven't told me they have considered writing a book. Some have! But oh the promotion. (Oh the disappointments).

So with it all, albeit a 2010 recession or depression, my sometime heavy-heartedness pays off when all my editors are good to me.

Charlie Adams Jr. E-mail: LST281@AOL.COM

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