Tammy Gore appointed first woman as mayor of Fleetwood

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Tammy Gore was appointed the first woman mayor of Fleetwood on June 11.

Fleetwood Borough Council appointed Tammy Gore as Fleetwood's first woman mayor on Monday night.

'It's an honor, it's exciting,' said Gore, who is looking forward to serving the community. 'Things are changing in a positive way.'

Noting another first for Fleetwood, she said Suzanne Touch is doing a 'phenomenal job' as the first woman to serve as president of Fleetwood Council, hoping to live up to that standard herself.

Gore will finish the term left vacant by former Mayor Gary Ebeling, who passed away on May 26. Ebeling served as mayor for 11 years.

'And he did a great job,' said Gore. 'Everybody knew him. He was Mr. Fleetwood in the borough.'

Fleetwood Council had 30 days to appoint a new mayor.

Council voted 3-2 appointing Gore. Mike Fella and Chris Young voted no.

Touch as president of council temporarily served as interim mayor so she was not able to vote.

Gore, who was serving on Council for the past seven years, abstained from voting. Ralph Touch was appointed to fill her vacancy on council until that term ends in December 2013.

Her term as mayor expires in December 2013 at which time she will have to run on the ballot to continue serving in this role.

'I certainly love the community and every decision I make I think about what's best for the Borough of Fleetwood,' said Gore.

Gore will also continue to serve as executive director of the Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce while serving as Mayor of Fleetwood.

'I'm not out to replace (Ebeling), I couldn't replace him the way he did the job, but I think I can bring different things to the job,' said Gore. 'Try to get involved in a more regional level.'

Gore has already been in contact with Kutztown Mayor Sandy Green, 'talking about this area and how all the communities work together.'

Viewing Downtown Kutztown as a role model, Gore said Kutztown has shown what can be done with dedicated individuals.

'You walk up and down Main Street and you know it is alive,' she said, crediting the Facade Program with much of their success. 'Kutztown has shown that it can be done and it can be done well.'

Gore hopes for Fleetwood to be a destination.

Fleetwood's redevelopment will be one of her main focuses.

What she loves about Fleetwood is it's hometown feel, which is what attracted her and her husband, Bob, to town in 1999.

'You walk down the street and you know everybody, if not by name, you know them by face,' said Gore. 'It's that small-town feel that I love.'

She said people come to Fleetwood looking for that community feel and sense of belonging, and Fleetwood offers that, she said.

'I also love the potential for the community,' she said.

Gore said they need to keep that hometown feel and still be progressive and think of the residents' needs.

In Fleetwood's future, Gore sees an improved downtown business district. Noting the traffic that passes through town, she said they need to provide them with more reasons to stop and do their business in Fleetwood.

'To do that we need to address many things, including parking and traffic flow and aesthetics,' said Gore. 'I see a downtown that is developing in a positive way.'

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