Tilden Police warn local residents of phone scam

The Tilden Township Police Department took a report from a township business on July 2 regarding what appears to be a phone scam.

A male identifying himself as 'Officer Edward Smith,' speaking with an Asian accent,

called the business demanding to speak to an employee, claiming the employee owed

money. If the employer did not put the employee on the phone right away, 'Officer

Smith,' who advised that he was a police officer, would come out to the business and

arrest the employer. The phone number that 'Officer Smith' used was 717-610-4301. He also provided the

number 717-610-4731 as a direct number. Calling the last number goes to a switchboard answered by a person with an Asian accent, who then transfers the caller to another person with an Asian accent.

A person at that number hung up when an investigating officer attempted to get further information on the company.

A search on the Internet for these phone numbers revealed many search hits for warnings of possible phone scams including one from the Mechanicsburg Borough Police Department.

According to police, the goal of these people is to obtain credit card numbers by means of social engineering so that those credit cards may be used for fraudulent purposes.

Citizens are encouraged to not provide any personal or financial information over the

phone. Any such incidents should be reported to police.

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