Randolph Weidner, of Carriage Circle, Oley, faces charges of reckless endangerment to himself or others after the Jan. 28 incident where roads were closed off and homes were evacuated in the Charmingdale housing development.Oley Township Police Department responded to the initial phone call where a man reportedly went onto the back deck of the house on Carriage Circle, fired one shot, cursed, threw things and went out into the shed.

There were approximately eight shots heard.

At that point, Weidner went back into the residence and allegedly pointed the gun out the back door.

Oley Police Chief David White and Cpl. Kenney Calcagni set up a perimeter around the residence.

Additional assistance was requested from Colebrookedale, Boyertown, Douglass Berks and Reading State Police.

Initial phone calls were unsuccessful until Weidner answered the phone and agreed to exit the house.

He was taken into custody without further incident.

Weidner told police there were two children inside the residence.

Weapons were also found in a downstairs room. Weidner's wife, Dorian was contacted to take custody of the children.

Weidner told police his father was just hit and killed by a car in Blandon.

He was asked about the gunshots and responded saying the shotgun went off as he sprayed it down during cleaning.

Police reported Weidner had difficulty formulating sentences and appeared extremely distraught.

He was asked if he was going to hurt himself and reportedly stated "yes."

He repeatedly claimed he wanted it to be quiet, he just needed quiet.

Weidner was asked if he was going to harm the children and he responded "no."

He said that he was still here because he did not want to leave the kids.

He was checked medically at the scene and was found to be ok physically.

He stated that he was not taking medications and did not do any drugs or alcohol prior to the incident.

Dorian spoke with him and agreed to commit him for evaluation.

She signed consent to search the residence and cooperated with authorities in turning over all the weapons in the home.

She told police that Weidner was the youngest of his siblings and had recently lost a brother and the loss of his father a day ago was too much.

Calcagni went with Fleetwood Ambulance as they transported Weidner to Reading Hospital.

He was released to their custody without incident.

Weidner appeared at the Oley District Magistrate's office on Wednesday.

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