Things that go “Boom Boom” in the night, flashing lights, rattling windows, shaking homes and howling dogs have been reported in Morgantown and surrounding towns since May.

Every day social media is reporting it with much speculation.

Theories range from the ominous: pipeline noise, underground tunnels, collapsing mines, earthquakes, government experiments, other earthly beings to the mundane firecrackers, a gunshot, construction at the casino site, blasting etc.

Sgt. Matthew Menna of the Caernarvon Police Department said, “Currently, there is one case under investigation. We have received some calls about this phenomenon over time. People need to call 911 immediately so we can investigate for on-the-scene searches, residue and other forensics. Calling after the fact does little to help investigate noises and lights.”

Township Administrator Joan Bair says she has been made aware of it as well, along with some of the supervisors.

“I have told people to call the fire department or the police. I see it all over social media and I myself have been checking online for earthquake tremors and meteorite sightings,” said Bair.

Michelle Raymond, administrator for In Twin Valley, a social media page with more than 3,000 subscribers, said, “I can say that there is an increase of reports on the In Twin Valley, (a public community Facebook group run by local community members) of booms (with and without a flash) in the last couple of weeks. I would strongly encourage anyone that experience this phenomena to report to the police via 911 to see if a cause can be found. As a group, we are starting to track location, time and date to see to see the scope of the issue."

"Yes, many feel that calling 911 should only be for an emergency but is also for any suspicious activity (and noise would fall into that). The police will prioritize calls accordingly,” added Raymond.

I have requested people to go the record and send me their experiences via email at

See the following:

"I saw your post and I'm glad and grateful someone is starting to put information together about these mystery booms. I myself have heard it two or three times, but I only documented the most recent. Nov. 25 at around 10:20 p.m. I was in bed in my home in Elverson. The boom shook my house. It sounded like it was coming from the little valley where Hopewell Church is. In the vicinity of Hopewell and Kline Roads perhaps. It was hard to tell where it was coming from. I called Caernarvon police and an officer did come out and look around but didn't find anything," posted Wendy Reese, Elverson.

"I’m in East Earl and we have heard the explosions several nights late at night or early morning. They shake the house and have even knock pictures off the walls!" posted Katelyn Bradshaw.

Keep sending me your experiences. As a community, we will get to the bottom of this. Yes, the police and Caernarvon Township are aware and, as always, are concerned for the safety of the community.

I am listening on the record. Email via or Facebook pm me at On the Record, story, name and town.

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