Residents of the Willow Glen development in Ontelaunee Township feel they're being left in the dark.Township supervisors were confronted last week by residents of a new housing development, concerned that non-functioning street lights pose a safety hazard at night, especially to the growing number of children accompanying new families to the area.

Construction has not been completed at this development and plans to turn on street lamps have not been completed, but residents are looking for a stopgap measure to avoid a potential disaster.

Ken Schnader, a representative of Forino Construction, agreed to meet with representatives from MetEd to see if it is possible to control and turn on lights at the intersections. Ontelaunee Engineer Mark Stabolespszy from Spottz, Stevens & McCoy agreed to follow-up with MetEd to further investigate this growing concern.

Willow Glen resident Ronnie Bruchez shed further light on the issue. He was worried that only intersections are being lit, not the streets. While local area residents agreed they are pleased the intersections are receiving township attention, there was also reason to worry over the safety of the streets themselves.

"Something is better than nothing as long as we're heading in the right direction" Bruchez said. "The development is getting a volume of children. It'd be very sad if someone got hit by a car."

Roadmaster and supervisors' chair Kenneth M. Stoudt agreed to have Stabolepszy look into this issue. Stabolepszy said while the cost of lighting the intersections would be of no additional cost to residents for now, additional lighting throughout the neighborhood could cost up to $100 per lot per year, in the form of a special tax, to offset the power costs to the township.

Concern was also raised with lighting in open spaces in Willow Glen such as parks and basketball courts. Stabolespzy said there are no provisions for courts to be lit by the township.

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