Dear Editor:As of September 20, 2007, Richard Woldow has written 27 of his 48 columns attacking Richland Township citizens, namely Pat Murphy who is Rick Orloff's opponent, and QCSD school board members (save two) and employees who oppose Paul Stepanoff and Manuel Alfonso. That is an overwhelming majority of 56 percent of hate columns. You may ask, "What do these two entities have in common?" The answer is Rick Orloff.

Since Woldow's January 4, 2007 column, he has been continually attacking anyone who opposes Rick Orloff's personal agendas ' yes, Orloff has more than one, and he has Richard Woldow fighting on two fronts to further those agendas.

Of course his primary agenda is the retention of his seat on the dais in Richland. He needs this seat to better position himself as heir-apparent to Paul Clymer's position as State Representative. It would look better for him to slip into this position as a current politician as opposed to being a private citizen. This is power mongering at its worst. Orloff will stop at nothing to retain his seat as supervisor, and this dovetails nicely with Woldow's need for special zoning so Greenway Development can build its 'Frontgate Community' behind the Q-Mart on Woldow's land. Orloff uses Woldow to do his dirty work with weekly spin and half-truths in The Free Press, and in return, Woldow gets what he wants. Greed for power begets greed for money.

Secondly, he is seeking revenge against the QCSD

School Board for turning him down as budget consultant at the May 25, 2006 School Board meeting. At the very next Richland Board of Supervisors' meeting on June 12, 2006. Orloff states that Richland is under-represented on the School Board. This meeting heralded the birth of the 'at-large' voting system petition. We all know what happened to their 1400 signature petition ' it was thrown out in court.

Then there was the now-infamous e-mail sent to June Hunt. Orloff told her that she didn't have to do any 'heavy lifting' and all she should do is 'show up' twice a month and 'vote on Paul's [Stepanoff] cue' if she were to join the reform platform. The reformer's web-site states: "Independent minds with a shared vision." When June's email was published before the May primaries, did we see any statement in print denouncing the connection between Orloff and the reformers? No. Countless messages requesting Mrs. Renshaw to answer questions on the Morning Call blogs have gone unanswered. Where is your 'independent mind' Mrs. Renshaw? We'd like to know! Then, of course, you have the now-defunct reformer, Tom Marino, who lost on both the Democratic and Republican tickets and is doing a write-in campaign. Who is pulling the strings here I wonder?

Orloff, Woldow and Stepanoff are all in on this together, each feeding off of each others' greed for power and money. This has to stop. The only way you can stop it is to re-elect Linda Martin to the School Board and elect Pat

Murphy as Richland Township supervisor.

Todd Oxenford


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