Historians commonly assign titles to the segments of history with which they deal. I don't know what they will call the times in which we are living, but my nomination is The Age of the Bureaucrat.Out in northern Ohio, the bureaucrats have begun to harass Amish merchants for failure to obtain licenses to operate their roadside markets. If they use the kitchens in their homes, the bureaucrats won't bother, but if they use ovens in their markets, they need licenses.

Note: There's no charge of unsanitary conditions, just failure to secure a license.

Note, too, the merchants involved are Amish. They have as little as possible to do with the government and nothing at all to do with electricity. Consequently, although they sell food, they do not use refrigeration. Some customers bring ice cubes to store meat and cheese, but the bureaucrats are not impressed.

The main point is that customers are perfectly satisfied with existing conditions, but government bureaucrats are upset mainly, I suspect, for the failure to contribute, through license fees, to the slush funds from which they draw their paychecks.

The Age of the Bureaucrat is upon us.

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Robert C. Jubelirer, a Blair County Republican, served in the state Senate for 32 years before the voters kicked him out last year. Bob's in no bread line, however.

According to the State Employment Retirement System, he drew $192,000 out of the pot right off the bat, and he'll be drawing $90,000 a year for the rest of his life. Ah, the sacrifices of public service!

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