Paul O. Moyer, a member of Oley American Legion Post 878 was recently recognized by the American Legion’s National Commander, Charles E. Schmidt, for 70 years of continuous membership.

Paul, his father Edwin, a WWI Veteran, and his two brothers were all Charter Members of Oley Post 878. In his comments National Commander Schmidt recognized Paul for this achievement and stated that because of his long years of membership “You Are Still Serving American.”

Paul was a member of the US Army during WWII, and fought in Company F of the 120th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division. This unit fought during the Battle of the Bulge, across Normandy into Germany, and did not stop until they met the Russian Allies moving east. Paul mentioned that they were in continuous action for 180 days. During most of that period they received no hot meals.

Surprisingly, he can still wear his army jacket which proudly displays the combat infantryman badge, a Purple Heart medal, and several other important ribbons. He returned home on the Queen Mary and remembers that the first thing they gave him was chocolate milk when he arrived stateside.

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