Peace. Love. Kutztown unifies community through coloring

Peace. Love. Kutztown hosted a Coloring Contest. Pictured are the ages 12 and up winners. Back Row left to right: Mathias Warmkessel, Carlee Hilbert, Sarah Fly, Marnia Schnell, KU Rep. Siglinda Harrison, Reanna Reynolds and Rocky Walter. Middle Row: Griffin Sicher and Mikayla Trubilla. Front row: Korrin Kelly and Ryleigh Bohning.

Peace. Love. Kutztown spread love and unified the community through the simple act of coloring. More than 200 Kutztown Area School District students participated in the coloring contest that ended on Friday, May 5.

All coloring pages will be displayed through KASD to unify the community. Coloring contest winners celebrated with ice cream at Pop’s Malt Shoppe and by winning a gift certificate from 36 local restaurants and small businesses. Jerry Schearer, Dean of Inclusion and Outreach at Kutztown University; Cathleen Brown, KU graduate student and KASD parent; Dr. Erin Kraal, Associate Professor of Physical Science at KU; and Beth Patten, social studies teacher at KASD, organized the event with Joel Seidel and Dakota Scholl of Pop’s Malt Shoppe.

Kutztown University students helped announce the winners. Each age category celebrated on their own night.

For ages 2-6 on May 9, winners were announced by KU representative Nykolia Blichar, with a Bachelor’s in political science and co-chair of the KU Student Government Board Diversity Council, KU Council of Trustees, and GLBTQ Resource Center. Winners are Addie Bailey, Brian Bauscher, Katelyn Berger, Carrie Bosler-Weinmann, Emily K. Edinger, Kylie George, Alyssa Moyer, Zariell Melendez, Isaac Schaeffer and Addison Schlegel.

Sponsors were Firefly Bookstore, Sittler’s Golf Center, Saucony Creek Brewery and Gastropub, Spud’s, Pretzel Revolution and Creamery, Dietrich’s Meats and Country Store, Ozgood’s Grille: Kutztown, Pop’s Malt Shoppe, Mad Dogs Hot Dogs Kutztown, and Mama’s Delight Pizzeria.

For Ages 7-11 on May 10, winners were announced by KU representative José Valentin, undergraduate in sociology minor in anthropology and women and gender studies who serves on KU Student Government Board Diversity Council, KU Multicultural Center, and GLBTQ Resource Center. Winners are Dylan Arndt, Rebecca Batz, Hailey Bauscher, Sadie Berger, Sophia Donchez, Tucker Hillard, Aydin Geist, Kylah Melendez, Jillian Rager, Colby Reitenauer, Nora Roberts, Isaac Wood and Joan Wood.

Sponsors were Sittler’s Golf, The Bower’s Hotel, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, K’town Pub, Specator’s Bar and Grille, Fine Arts Fiesta, Dietsch Eck Restaurant, Sittler’s Golf, Letterman’s Dinner, Bone’s Pizza and Restaurant, Valentino’s Kutztown, Esterly’s Sandwich Shop, and Peter’s Brother’s Meat Market.

On May 11, the winners for Ages 12-up were announced by KU representative Siglinda Harrison, a double major in management and marketing, KU Basketball Manager, Women Evolving NOW, Black Student Union, and KU Orientation Staff. Winners are Ryleigh Bohning, Sarah Fly, Korrin Kelly, Carlee Hilbert, William Randall, Reanna Reynolds, Emma Rhode, Griffin Sicher, Marnia Schnell, Mikayla Trubilla, Rocky Walter, and Mathias Warmkessel.

Sponsors were T.K. Sushi House, Historic Crystal Cave, Mr. Food, New China King, Young Ones Record Store, Uptown Espresso, Tommy Boy’s Pizza and Cafe, Sittler’s Golf, The Vault Comic and Games, Mark’s Sandwich Shop, Betty’s Wraps and C.J. Hummel’s Restaurant, Bar, and Gathering Place.

See more photos of Coloring Contest winners on the facebook page at Peace.Love.Kutztown.

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