Recently, while sitting with a group of people, we were asked what we were thankful for this Thanksgiving. We didn’t have time for all of us to answer the question, but we will have another chance. I thought about the question for a couple of days and then it all became clear to me. Obviously there are more spiritual things that can be mentioned, but I am thankful for the HANDS, ARMS and HEART that God has given me.

HANDS: Barb and I introduced ourselves to a visiting couple at church (by shaking hands) and got into a good discussion. They had recently moved and the wife said she was still learning the street names. I admitted I was directionally challenged but three things helped me over the years. First, as a kid I delivered newspapers. Then I graduated to delivering telegrams (can you believe it?). Nearly 10 years ago, I started volunteering for Meals on Wheels (MOW). Our conversation continued when I mentioned MOW. The couple’s tenderness of heart showed when they started to talk about a couple who is housebound because of their age and physical problems. I called them the next day to provide information about MOW that they can discuss with their friends.

ARMS: Arms are used for countless things. I like to think of them for giving hugs, even to garbage men. About 11 years ago, when we had lived in our house for two weeks, I slipped on ice while going to get our mail and hit my head on concrete. Our garbage man helped me up and got me into our house, where Barb was. The next week the garbage man was walking down the street toward me with his hand out to shake hands and I wouldn’t shake hands with him because I was in the process of giving him a big hug. Most of the time since then we have provided the two men on the garbage truck and the two on the recycling truck with drinks and snacks.

HEART: A short while ago Barb and I received two highly encouraging emails from friends. These emails were so heartfelt that they sent chills up my back. All it took for the writers of these emails was time, thoughtfulness and a warm heart (resources that too often many of us don’t part with). The saying goes: “We all can use an add-a-boy to lift our spirits”.

I guess one could summarize one’s thankfulness this Thanksgiving as God’s love that he shows through other people with whom we come in contact. This is one of the reasons I have titled this column: “Person to Person – Impact”.

When was the last time you used your time, thoughtfulness and warm heart to encourage others? I have three people on my communication list right now and hope to add others.


Jeff Hall, of Honey Brook, contributes columns to Tri County Record.

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