Have you ever wondered, “What is the secret to a good pie crust?” Have you ever thought, “Getting a store made crust is always easier?” Or, perhaps you think, “Pie? Pass me a slice!” In any case, drop in for “Pies in the Mennonite Tradition,” hosted by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society on Saturday, March 12 between 6 and 8:30 p.m.

“A good pie is only as good as the ingredients that are in it, plus a few simple techniques that make a pie soar to the top of deliciousness,” said Valerie Baer, author of Baking with Whole Grains.

Baer will be on hand to demonstrate the art of making the perfect crust, a skill picked up by watching her mother and grandmother.

“Maybe pie is special these days because people think it is so hard to make,” she said. “Pie is really one of the easiest desserts to make from scratch.”

But, there is more to the event than simply showcasing delicious pastries. The evening is also an opportunity to learn more about life for Mennonite women in Lancaster County during the early to mid-1900s. One glimpse into that will be a historical card set featuring scenes of Mennonite women, produced in a limited edition run.

If, after dropping in and learning more about pies, you would like to try your hand at making some, you can purchase a cookbook at the Society’s bookstore. During “Pies in the Mennonite Tradition,” all cookbooks will be 20 percent off. If you prefer not to, you can also purchase a pie at silent auction.

“Pies in the Mennonite Tradition” is part of the Lancaster Roots 2016 program, which represents joint events organized by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and the 1719 Hans Herr House and Museum.

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