As the region prepares for what is predicted to be very heavy voter turnout Nov. 8, voters in New Hanover and Upper Pottsgrove should be aware that their polling place may have changed location.

In New Hanover election district two, the polling place has moved from the township building on North Charlotte Street to New Hanover Lutheran Church, 2941 Lutheran Road in Gilbertsville.

Similarly, Upper Pottsgrove’s sole polling place has moved from the township building and firehouse on Farmington Avenue to Pottsgrove Middle School at 1351 N. Hanover St.

Both changes were approved at the Oct. 6 meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

The reasons for the moves were not mentioned at the meeting, but the need for more parking and more space for voters has been previously reported for the Upper Pottsgrove change.

During the April presidential primary, cars filled the township building’s crumbling parking lot and voters began parking along busy Farmington Avenue.

The small size of the township offices also meant lines out the door into the street, with waits of 45 minutes or longer to cast a ballot.

According to the Montgomery County Office of Voter Services, 37.61 percent of Upper Pottsgrove’s 3,483 registered voters showed up at the polls April 26.

That’s 1,310 total voters. Afterward, two poll workers, one constable and the judge of elections petitioned the township commissioners to move the township’s polling place to Pottsgrove Middle School.

That change became official Oct. 6.

As a result, Pottsgrove Middle School will not have school that day.

Pottsgrove School Board President Rick Rabinowitz has indicated that Upper Pottsgrove voters should park in the school’s “upper lot.”

“We are using the entrance at the boy’s gym hallway. This is close to the handicap cutout, and the auxiliary gym where the voting will take place,” Rabinowitz posted on Facebook.

“This allows plenty of parking options,” he wrote, adding “please make sure your friends and neighbors are aware of this important change.”

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