"I think one's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. I see no reason for painting but that. If I have anything to offer, it is my emotional contact with the place where I live and the people I do." - Andrew Wyeth, 20th century American artistAs it was, two friends of local history and community inspired me to begin writing eight years ago. The folks, places and themes about which I have written, I love, not romantically of course, but deeply and emotionally. Hopefully this comes across in the written word. Also, I love my heritage.

Therefore, some writings are autobio graphical. I attempt to connect with all age groups, but particularly with those who grew up during the 1950s and before.

I do not compare my articles with the majesty and genius of Andrew Wyeth's paintings. However, I do as well as I am able. My oral histories are all about folks in and around Hellertown. That is because of my love for my hometown. I am eager to hold a copy of "Saucon Secrets," my new book, in my hands. There are few opinion pieces and no editorials in it. It is 99 percent local history.

It has been a process of eight years, but the contents of "Secrets" are based on writings I completed between 1999 and 2005. The production into book form has taken three years. I have been blessed with a fine typist and excellent designer.

Some of the local people interviewed in the book have passed away, but I have continued to write also during the last three years. That means that there may be a volume two in time. In the meantime, I hope the readers of "Saucon Secrets" enjoy reading about people, places and themes that I love. By the middle of October this may become a reality. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As Wyeth stated many years ago, "You see, what limits me is the depth of my own inner feelings. If I don't feel it, I can't put it in there."

Lee A. Weidner is a resident of Hellertown and the author of the forthcoming book, "Saucon Secrets." He is a member of the Hellertown Historical Society, the Lower Saucon Township Historical Society and the Saucon Valley Conservancy. He can be contacted via e-mail atpopichak@berksmontnews.com

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