Justin Kelly, junior at Boyertown Senior High€¢ Kelly will be playing one of the defense attorneys for the Mock Trial Team. This is his second year participating in the group, which makes him one of the few veterans on the team. "I first decided to join Mock Trial because I've always loved debating and acting. I also figured that it would improve my public speaking skills that would help me later in life."

€¢ How do you think the team will perform? "I believe that this year we have a great chance of success. Last year I played the part of a witness. It was easy to see why we didn't win the trials. Everything was slightly unorganized and there were many last minute preparations. This year we learned from those mistakes. We now have a small core of people who have experienced the trials from last year as well as a large group of newcomers who are eager to learn and have become very good as well. Everything has been more organized and efficient, and with a larger group of people we have been able to accomplish more. The only problem we've had has been finding times when we can all meet. Overall, everyone's dedication and work ethic has made us completely prepared for the trial."

€¢ What's so great about this event? "The great thing about Mock Trial is the chance that it gives you to use logic and speaking skills. It helps to build self-confidence. You have to use reason and logic to find the facts in the case and build them into your argument. The club isn't only for someone interested in law; it's for anyone who expects to be dealing with people in their career or for those who expect to be faced with dilemmas that must be overcome. Mock Trial helps to teach necessary skills for life, and it's a lot of fun to compete in."

Wilmer Barndt, junior from Boyertown Area Senior High

€¢ Barndt will be an attorney for the prosecution in this year's Mock Trial Competition. "This is my first year in joining the competition. It was an opportunity that was brought forward to me by a friend of mine who will also be a prosecution attorney."

€¢ How do you think the team will perform? "While we cannot measure our success yet, one thing that can be measured is the great time and energy that has been put into making our school's team successful. I know that because of this hard work that our team has put forth and the practice that we have received by going against some of our school's brightest, we will be ready for whatever the courtroom has in store for us."

€¢ What's so great about this event? "While becoming a lawyer is not something that I see myself doing in the future, I have come to realize the valuable skills and experience that I will surely obtain in entering into this event. I will be giving myself more opportunities to speak in front of a crowd as well as gain more experience in working as a group. Being able to think on my feet will be yet another skill that will be put to use, as our team cannot possibly expect all of the twist and turns that could take place during the trial."

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