Motorsports fans from Berks County and beyond had May 11 marked on their calendars for quite some time in eager anticipation of the annual Circle M Ranch Speedway Racers’ Reunion. The 1/3 mile dirt track is located in Auburn and ran for four seasons between 1955 through 1958. This was the 7th annual edition of the annual vintage racers’ reunion which honors track founder Eddie Mates and the Mates family’s support of motorsports.

Mother Nature finally allowed for plenty of sunshine and seasonable temperatures and that once again brought out a record turnout of both vintage racers and the motorsports fans who love them. Just shy of 50 cars were in the pits and more than 1,000 spectators came from as far away as 125 miles to witness the annual spectacle.

Despite all of the rain during the week leading up to the racers’ reunion, track conditions were dry and dusty, complicated by a problem with the Auburn Fire Company truck which rendered it unable to water the track. Later in the day the Port Clinton Fire Company sent their pumper truck to the track to minimize the dust.

The dusty conditions, probably quite typical of the years the track operated, followed by somewhat muddy conditions after watering did little to minimize the enthusiasm of the drivers or spectators and the proverbial good time was had by all.

If you missed it, make a note to mark May 9 on your 2020 calendar and bring your lawn chairs for a great day of nostalgia and free family entertainment.

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