On Saturday, Feb. 9 the Reading Railers Professional Men's Basketball Team celebrated "Ladies Day" by handing out free copies of author and Reading Railers marketing consultant Ellen Langas Campbell's The Girls Know How series: Raising the Roof, her second book in the series. The books are geared toward girls 8-12 years old and are designed to open young girls' eyes to possible career opportunities available."They are chapter fiction books. They encourage girls to follow their dreams and if they work for their dreams they can come true," said Langas Campbell.

Raising the Roof complemented the Reading Railers' "Lady Day," on Saturday which honored female fans of all ages. The first 400 girls received a copy of Langas Campbell's book.

The has been a part of the new Reading team since the beginning by helping friend and business associate Kay Magee, owner of the Reading Railers, launch the team.

"I am a big fan. They have a great mascot and it is a lot of fun," said Langas Campbell.

The author said her current book, that is 122 pages, is explores possible construction jobs.

Langas Campbell said the book explores fifth-grade friends who, after losing their clubhouse to a rival neighborhood group of boys, are encouraged by the head of a major construction company. Langas Campbell said that the character is based on Linda Alvarado, president of Alvarado Construction, Colo.

Langas Campbell, from Downingtown, is the owner of Nou Soma Communications, Inc., and former TV host and officer of QVC, Inc., and former Miss Pennsylvania.

Langas Campbell also donated 100 of her books to the Office of the Mayor of Reading to support the Greater Reading Cops 'n Kids Children's Literacy Program.

The first book in the series, Will Stephanie Get the Story? focuses on journalism. The next book in the series will explore teaching.

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