We asked readers via social media to share "Good News Stories" to help lift spirits during this time. Here are a few Good Stories.

Kolleen Long of Lenhartsville: Silver lining post: my parents live 10 hours away, so yesterday we called and all talked to them for about an hour. It was such a nice part of a day at home!

Jan Crooker of Kutztown: As an artist, bright colors have always been symbolic to me. Seems like we need a little brightness. I am going to be posting bright art to help us get through this.

Jim Meck, a Topton native: I started doing live Facebook music shows from my living room to yours. It’s a lot of fun connecting with everybody who is doing the self-quarantine thing. It gives them a chance to enjoy live music.

Linda Yuengel in Fleetwood: My friends in the nursing home are quarantined in Pottstown. No visitors and no activities. They, on their own, created the best fun - they put their wheelchairs in the hallway (over 10 feet apart) and play bingo on those boards with the red slide-over doors so they can play in their wheelchairs. I brought them individually bagged snacks (dropped off at the receptionist desk because of no visitors) and they play for snacks and puzzle books. How creative is that!

Leann Sacks in Mertztown: Taking it one day at a time. Washing my hands often with soap and water. Trying to stay calm by taking pictures of birds helps me find something beautiful to take my mind off coronavirus. I put my photo on Facebook to share with other people help keep their spirit up. Drink a lot of herbal tea and pray to deal with my stress.

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