How many people out there can answer this question?What is the one thing that comes with every new vehicle and is the most overlooked? Nope, it is not the spare tire, and no it is not the rear cup holders.

Okay, ready, it is called the Owner's Manual. Most people if they do read it, only skimmed through it anyway.

Maybe it is because that's all the longer it takes to look at the pictures that are in the Manual.

So, you're saying to yourself, I don't need the owners Manual because I know how everything works on my vehicle.

Well, did you know the average age of today's' vehicle driven on the road is 8.5 years, the highest ever, and ready for this, a large number of them have 200,000 miles on the odometer. So, how did these people manage to do this? Maybe they found a bottle with a genie in it and wished for it, or maybe they asked the automotive Gods for help, NO on both.

A survey taken says these vehicle owners read, not skimmed, or looked at pictures, but read the owners Manual. You see, these people followed the preventive maintenance schedule in the manual. They realize performing these services and repairs are required to prevent minor problem and normal wear from becoming a major and also an expensive headaches, and just because the vehicle has reached 100,000 miles, they did not stop doing the maintenance

The owners manual is full of other information. What type of oil to use, when to change it, when to check or service any filters, what type of cleaner to use on your interior and paint. It also gives you information on driving your vehicle in poor weather like rain and snow.

Remember, besides putting your owners car, receipts, children pictures, band-aids and Aunt Sarah phone, inside the owners Manual, it is full of good knowledgeable information about your vehicle.

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