Troy Larry Gelsinger and Lynette Jean Heffner to Troy Larry and Lynette Jean Gelsinger, 181 Forge Road, Marion and Jefferson townships, $130,585.Jerry L. and Tamara J. Rothermel to Paul R. and Lori A. Lafaver, Lot 1 Center Road, Bern Township, $115,000.

James P. and Phyllis E. Marbarger to EBC Enterprises LLC, 1035 James Drive, Bern Township, $810,000.

Annamarie R. Hassler to David A. Mycko, 1448 Cross Keys Road, Bern Township, $85,000.

Steven Walls, Cynthia Walls and Ellen R.Walls to Cynthia L. Walls and Ellen R. Walls, Seidel's Run, Bern Township.

Gregory D. Henry to Keith E. Krott, 842 White Oak Lane, Bern Township, $257,000.

William and Jeanette B. Eisenhauer to Frederick Joseph and Judy Kay Eisenhauer, Lynne Marie and Jay Lester Eisenhauer, Jeffrey William and Cindy Lou Eisenhauer and Ann- Louise Simone, Little Mountain Road, Bethel Township.

Edward S. Narozny to Kirk and Jennifer Zohn, 1460 Little Mountain Road, Bethel Township, $175,000.

Norman K. Bailey Jr. to Lara M. Slimmer, 408 N. Sixth St., Hamburg, $171,000.

Nancy L. Flammer to Leon G. Huey Jr., Paula J. Huey and Jason L. Huey, 218 S. Third St., Hamburg, $10,000.

Jeffrey T. and Darree A. Sicher to Marisol Berrios, 432 State St., Hamburg, $123,000.

Stephanie A. Madeira to Ricky L. Amsbaugh, 102 Main St., Leesport , $106,000.

Forino Co. LP to Adam R. and Kristen M. Konetsky, 35 Versailles Court, Ontelaunee Township, $258,883.

Jon K. Larrabee to Lindsay A. Wert and Eric M. Hiester, 325 Kindt Corner Road, Ontelaunee Township, $185,000.

Kenneth L. and Wilma W. Leininger to Kenneth L. and Wilma W. Leininger and James P. Leininger, 155 Bloomsburg Road, Penn Township.

Corrado Development LLC to James J. and Ruth Scocca, 444 E. Third St., Penn Township, $256,513.

Glenn G. Kershner, Elaine J. Heller and Carol A. Ebling to Kershner Family Revocable Trust, 1361 Moselem Springs Road, Perry Township.

Snyder's Hardware Inc. to Greth Development Group Inc., 3579 Old Route 22, Windsor Township, $1,008,000.

Nannette and Antonio Pagan to Antonio and Nannette Pagan, 16615 Pottsville Pike, Windsor Township.

Jean Baptiste Gilles and Lydnie Richardson to Alix and Lydnie Joubert, 156 Dogwood Drive, Jefferson Township.

Michele Defrees and Dallas Defrees to Deborah Odrick, Alicia S.Miller and Glen Miller, 942 Christmas Village Road, Jefferson Township, $255,000.

Forino Co. LP to Melodie A. Breidenstein, 60 Walnut Drive West, Jefferson Township, $213,009.

Bruce D. and Denise C. Snyder to Casey J. Kunkel, 9936 Kistler Valley Road, Albany, $175,000.

David D. Cordier Jr. and Brenda L. Cordier to David D. Cordier III and Cynthia L. Cordier, 824 Chestnut St., Shoemakersville, $159,900.

David H. and Ida Otis to James Bernard and Kathleen M. Ellis, 1038 Upper Van Reed Road, Bern Township, $600,000.

Forino Co. LP to Gregory L. Zimmerman and Angel M. Zimmerman, 625 W. Pine St., $267,582.

Eleanor J. Koller to Donna M. and James W. Wilson, 2025 Dennis Drive, Bern Township, $150,000.

Dean A. and Anne R. Brubaker to Harry E. and Alice R. Kralik, 420 Frystown Road, Bethel Township, $135,000.

Estate of Wayne P. Miller, Shirley A. Brokenshire, Joyce K. Miller, Jeffrey W. Miller and Judith K. Gerber to Timothy R. Gelsbach, Railroad Ave., Leesport, $400.

Amy J. and Michael A. Korpics to Carl A. and Barbara A. Trievel, 230 Pine St., Leesport, $160,000.

D.C.P. Investment Porperties LLC to Edward J. Rauscher Jr. and Jean M. Rauscher, 163 Spring Garden St., Leesport. $144,900.

Greg L. and Angel M. Zimmerman to Scott R. and Heather J.Wamsher, 254 Degler Ave., Leesport, $187,500.

Blaine J. DeSantis to New Vision Builder Inc., Kindt Corner Road, Ontelaunee Township $90,000.

Robert C. and Janine M. Ratcliffe to Theron Cook, 4 Verdun Drive, Ontelaunee Township, $282,000.

Estate of Hugh Dorsey White to Mary E. Frey, 5732 Mt. Pleasant Road, Penn Township, $161,000.

G.G. & F. Construction Inc. to John and Emma C. Lefkowich, 332 luisa Court, Penn Township, $260,900.

Steven G. and Helen Folk to Scott and Tammy Pennypacker, Lot 1 Hex Highway, Tilden Township, $70,077.

Larry F. and Suzanne K. Long to David D. Cordier Jr. and Brenda L. Cordier, 84 Walnut Road, Tilden Township, $300,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Affordable to Lifetime Homes, 348 Bloody Spring Road, Upper Tulpehocken Township, $79,000.

Tavis L. Quinn and Erica J. Roebuck to Natalie A. Depauli and Jon B. Snow Jr., 2930 Old Rute 22, Windosr Township, $169,900.

Lester R. Kauffman Jr. and Cheryl Kauffman to Lester R. Kauffman Jr., 147 Club Road, Upper Tulpehocken and Bethel townships.

DAB Associates LLP to Bryn Witmier and Jessica Steinberger, 39 East Ave., Strausstown and Upper Tulpehocken Township, $137,000.

Greth Development Group Inc. to Louis Andrew and Johnna P. Kinney, 759 Ealeview Drive, Centre Township, $351,386.

Sheriff of Berks County to HSBC Bank, 724 Bellemans Church Road, Center Township, $1,600.

Forino Co. LP to Erik M. and Kerry P. Geiger, 556 W. Reeser St., Bern Township, $322,313.

Joyce M. Oberly to Justin J. Rittle, 112 Old Mountain Road, Bethel Township, $65,000.

Michael A. and Krista L. Heim to Christine Freisleben, 9451 Old Rout 22, Bethel Township, $160,000.

James L. and Maureen N. Ratliff to James L. and Maureen N. Ratliff, 912 Old Route 22, Bethel Township.

Harriet L. Miller to Donald L. and Sherry L. Miller, 53 W. Penn St., Lenhartsville.

Corey S. Moss to Joseph M.A. and Margaret J. Nelabovige, 110 Pheasant Court, Hamburg, $79,000.

Rosetta Trabosh to Ashley N. Trabosh, 246 N. Fifth St. Hamburg, $90,000.

Curtis W. Armstrong Jr. to Beneficial Consumer Discount Co., 48 Dogwood Drive, Jefferson Township.

Robert W. and Mary Louise Muir to Bryan M. O'Toole Sr. and Lisa O'Toole, 100 Clubhouse Drive, Jefferson Township, $299,900.

Mary M. Rhoads to Roy W. Thompson Jr. and Rebecca J. Thompson, 113 Hazel St., Tilden Township, $135,312.

Linda Trate and Lester R. Engle to Adam Becker and Stacey J. Conway, 26 Perry Road, Perry Township, $154,500.

Estate of Sylvia D. Dieter to Garry C. Dieter, Debra F. Bissell, Rhonda K. Melendez, Barth C. Dieter and Darryl R. Dieter, 2 Kunkel Road, Albany Township.

Sandra J. Thomas to Stanley L. Lutz and Mary Joan Koller, 1015 Kercher Ave., Bern Township, $154,900.

Annette S. Greusel to Annette S. Fitterling, 306 Ziegler Road, Bern Township.

Amos H. and Ruth A. Rissler to Timothy D. and Rae L. Derr, 130 Deck Drive, Bethel Township, $192,000.

Rose M. and Richard K. Freed to Ruth M. Ziegler, Legion Drive, Bethel Township.

Ruth M. Ziegler to Richard K. and Rose Marie Freed, 8640 Old Route 22, Bethel Township.

Harold W. and Anna E. Nunemaker to William R. and Nannette E. Evans, 105 Kissinger Ave., Centre Township, $102,000.

Warren F. and Helen L. Danehower to Danehower Family Trust, 1253 Railroad Road, Centre Township.

Warren F. and Helen L. Danehower to Danehower Family Trust, Railroad Road, Centre Township.

Greth Development Group Inc. to Katherine L. Scott, 434 Eagleview Drive, Centre Township, $333,036.

Kathleen M. and Scott A. Maberry to Lester R. Engle, 44 N. Second St., Hamburg, $80,500.

Estate of George-Edward Greenawald to Dennis Greenawalt and A.B. Frith, 1015 Mohrsville Road, Ontelaunee Township, $30,000.

Forino Co. LP to Victoria R. Collazo and Anthony W. Vazquez, 45 Calais Drive, Ontelaunee Township, $302,825.

Anna Yanoski to Joseph M. Yanosik, Paul P. Yanosik, David W. Yanosik and Albert S. Yanosik, Swissdale Road, Penn Township.

Estate of Lowell R. Luft Sr. to Judith Blatt and Lowell R. Luft Jr., 260 Arboretum Road, Penn Township.

John T. Kowalski Jr. and Tracy L. Kowalski to Mark R. and Andrea M. Sharman, 23 Ontario Drive, Shoemakersville, $184,900.

Jeffrey Lipton, Robert D. Sharp and Matthew C. Wolf to Robert D. Sharp and Matthew C. Wolf, Lesher Mill Road, Upper Bern Township.

Nathan I. Eby to William F. O,Sullivan Jr. and Linda B. O,Sullivan, 193 Forge Dam Road, Upper Bern Township, $298,800.

Eric M. and Veronica Schrack to Mehmet Ozturk, 26 N. First St., Upper Bern Township, $170,000.

David A. Yost to David A. Yost, 18 Fort Road, Upper Tulpehocken Township.

Estate of Mirline K. Hein, Cathleen S. Phillips, Roy W. Werley, Kevin R. Werley and Christine L. Miller to Carl L. and Beatrice S. Hinkel, 2042 Old Route 22, Windsor Township, $166,000.

Mahlon R. and Grace L. Wagner to Rodney D. and Debra A. Hannahoe, 725

Franklin St., Shoemakersville, $126,000.

Sovereign Bank FSB to P.S. Macbeth Inc., 720 Hex Highway, Tilden Township , $79,900.

Robert L. Luckenbill and Deborah Luckenbill to Lee A. Cassler, 473 Mountain View Drive, Tilden Township, $169,000.

Grace K. Saul to Shawn R. and Amanda J. Herbine, 5226 Route 419, Tulpehocken Township, $125,000.

Gilbert R. Birkenbine to Kenneth A. Kramer, 5868 Old Route 22, Upper Bern Township, $120,000.

Joseph D. and Marcy Owens to Joseph D. Owens, 7832 Route 183, Upper Tulpehocken Township.

Steven R. Stamm to Steven R. and Kathryn M. Stamm, 646 Balthaser Road, Windsor Township.

William N. and Karen O. Kiefer to Clarence E. and Mary Ann Owens, 154 Hepner

Road, Windsor Township, $265,000.

Forino Co. LP to George K. and Barbara A. Geiger, 552 W. Reeser St., Bern Township, $289,816.

Carl I. and Irene Strause to Robert C. and Kimberly A. Himes, 377 White Oak Lane, Bern Township, $225,000.

Blue Mountain Seven Star Inc. to Robert B.Whited Sr. and Angela Whited,

5898 Four Point Road, Bethel Township, $140,000.

Kathleen L. Mays and Rosemary Mc-Carty to David P. and Connie R. Chamberlain, 7938 Lancaster Ave., Bethel Township $80,000.

Estate of Jay I. Brown to Richard W. Blatt and Carol J. Blatt, 711 Meckville Road, Bethel Township, $160,000.

Thomas S. Valeriano to Thomas S. Valeriano, 1033 Plum Road, Centre Township.

Harvey B. and Barbara A. Jesby to Troy N. Loeb and Maggie K. Finkbiner, 600 Summer Mountain Road, Jefferson Township, $284,000.

Dianne C. Bieber to Gregory H. and Mildred M. Gresh, 412 Degler Ave., Leesport.

Lawrence A. and Judith A. Fitzgerald to William R. and Linda F. Epes, Wileys

Lane, Ontelaunee Township, $46,000.

Vicki L. Zulick to Larry J. and Gwen M. Blatt, 97 Davis Bridge Road, Penn Township, $248,500.

Melissa Putnam to Jason M. and Melissa Wolfe, 5631 Mt. Pleasant Road, Penn Township.

Steven Fore to Brian G. Shuey and Renae M. Shuey, 3 Adamˆ¹s Hotel Road, Perry Township, $325,000. David M. Kamora to Corey J. Pivovarnik, 1389 Main St., Perry Township, $150,000.

McWeeber LLC to Barry L. and Paula M. Fairchild, 65 Brigham Way, Albany Township, $351,282.

Philip M. Schiebel to R & L Properties LLC, Sousley Road, Albany Township, $25,000.

Philip M. Schiebel to R & L Properties LLC, Sousley Road, Albany Township, $80,000.

Kurt C. and Kelly J. Minnich to Kurt C. Minnich, 98544 Kistler Valley Road, Albany Township.

David M. Keller to David M. Keller and Kristi S. Robbins, Lot 2 Dietrich Road, Albany Township.

Leon G. Huey Jr. and Paula J. Huey to James D. Huber, 118 Penn St., Bernville, $115,000.

Blake Adamczyk to Blake and Maria A. Adamczyk, 331 Main St., Bernville.

Betty M. Nowotarski to Mark and Karen Schlott, 131 Old Mountain Road, Bethel Township, $80,000.

Pauline E. Lutz to Armando Cabrera Ponce, 131 Merkey Drive, Bethel Township, $83,000.

Jeremy L. and Wanda A. Keener to Jeremy L. Keener, 7940 Lancaster Ave., Bethel Township.

David Brubaker to Jay L. and Rhoda Sadler, 820 Frystown Road, Bethel Township, $155,000.

Frank P. Sabatucci to Christopher A. and Lisa A. Ulrich, 108 Kissinger Ave., Centre Township, $149,900.

Arthur T. Babiarz Jr. to Arthur T. Babiarz III and Jason R. Babiarz, 570 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Centre Township, $183,000.

Kenneth W. and Jean A. Smith to Renee L. Goho and Bryce Zohner, 722 Windsor St., Hamburg, $140,000.

John A. Hudock to Dean Bucks, 108 S. Fourth St., Hamburg, $100,000.

David Rodriguez to Melissa A. Patterson, 213 Union St., Leesport, $89,900.

Forino Co. LP to Paulette Glenn and Ajibola Adekola, 24 Versailles Court, $259,649, Ontelaunee Township.

Judy Zerbe Boyer and Terry Donald Boyer to Moises and Kelli Burgos, 40 Grange Road, Penn Township, $287,900.

Jack L. Krick and Rocco Santilli to Jack L. Krick, Rocco Santilli, Joseph Trois and Emidio Keller, 240 Franklin St., Shoemakersville, $39,825.

Jack L. Krick and Rocco Santilli to Jack L. Krick, Rocco Santilli, Joseph Trois and Emidio Keller, 36 Third St., Shoemakersville, $5,175.

Savage Properties Inc. to 41 Industrial Drive LLC, 41 Industrial Drive, Tilden Township, $5,650,000.

John A. Hudock to Dean Bucks, 56 Hill Drive, Tilden Township, $300,000.

Sheriff of Berks County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 95 Jalappa Road, Tilden Township, $2,600.

Amanda J. and Shawn R. Herbine to David L. Peters Jr. and Heatherly A. Miller, 584 Godfrey St., Tulpehocken Township, $135,000.

David L. and Emma Mae Smoker to John I. and Bena G. Smoker, 195 Greble Road, Tulpehocken Township, $180,000.

Curtis C. Hale to Curtis C. and Teresa M. Hale, 179B Deck Road, Tulpehocken Township.

Larry D. Karpenko to Frank J. Trimarchi, 199 Fort Road, Upper Tulpehocken Township, $191,000.

Ricky L. and Peggy C. Phillips to Ricky L. Phillips, 200 Hess Court, Windsor Township.

Estate of Mae E. Bachman to Angel Luis Arroyo, 958 Route 143. Windsor Townshuip.

Martin and Helene A. Schappell to Bradley A. Berger, 783 Schappell Road, Windsor Township, $164,900.

Estate of M. Nathan Kutz and Lennia C. Lutz to Lennia C. Kutz, Albany Township, Hawk Mountain Road.

Edward Delosh to Shiraz Properties Inc., 129 Third St., Bernville, $60,000.

George Perrelli Jr. and Brenda M. Perrelli to Harry David Houck, Patsy Houck and Sheryl L. Houck, 581 Schubert Road, Bethel Township, $159,000.

Moser Family Revocable Trust to Glenn A. and Laura R. Turner, 761 Main St., Centre Township, $150,000.

James E. and Diane M. Young to Diane M. Young, 47 Easter St., Centre Township.

Bruce A. and Mary M. Millhouse to William and Grace Hoffman, 492 Archwood Drive, Centre Township, $229,900.

John B. Schlotter III and Kim L. Schlotter to Ken D. and Pamela A. Riegel, 32 Pony Road, Centre Township, $325,200.

Tracey Kuzmission and Sheila Amole to Tracey A. Kuzmission and Pamela L. Walmer, 2637 Centerport Road, Centre Township.

John M. Bloguszewski to George A. Brittell and Nancy J. True-Brittell, 13 Plum Creek Road, Centre Township, $59,900.

Roy W. and Betty Jane Hetrick to Jeffrey A. and Alison J. Strunk, Lot 1 Host Church Road, Jefferson Township.

Forino Co. LP to Timothy Maglowski and April L. Maglowski, 50 Walnut Drive West, Jefferson Township, $221,569.

Richard E. and Carolyn J. Bohn to Jason S. Dibler, 234 Main St., Leesport, $74,000.

John W. Hartman Testamentary Trust and Fayne G. Hartman to F & G Family Farm LP, Wileys Lane and Route 61, Ontelaunee Township.

GG&F Construction Inc. to Michael A. and Patricia Sciammarella, 350 Luisa Court, Perry Township, $300,900.

Grant S. and Judy A. Willingham and James H. Willingham to Grant S. and Judy A. Willingham and James H. Willingham, 159 Willow Road, Tilden Township.

Estate of Catherine E. Moser to Michael and Hiedi Hasenauer, 520 Schoolhouse Road, Upper Bern Township, $156,000.

Robert M. and Jacqueline F. Carter to Keith J. Zerbe and Joyce I. Zerbe, 103 Sonday Road, Upper Bern Township, $172,000.

Diane Wolfgang to Brian E. Boyd, 186 S. Northkill Road, Upper Tulpehocken Township, $199,900.

Helen L. Shirey, Fay I. Daub and Esther L. Smith Sweigart to Helen L. Shirey, Fay I. Daub and Esther L. Smith Sweigart, Upper Tulpehocken Township, Old Route 22.

William F. and Janice H. Kauffman to William F. and Janis H. Kauffman, 215 Kunkels Dahl Road, Albany Township.

Jo Ann Dobisesky to Kishwar Zaidi, 549 Prison Road, Bern Township, $286,000.

Deborah E. Bewley to Deborah E. Bewley and James A. Bewley, 2110 Bernville Road, Bern Township.

MMSCC-4 LLC to 2588 Bernville Road Reading LLC, 2588 Bernville Road, Bern Township, $510,000.

Kevin A. and Jennifer M. Miller to Kevin A. Miller, 511 Lockheed Ave, Bern Township.

Helen A. Printz to Bethel Township Municipal Authority, Lancaster Ave, Bethel Township.

Richard E. Keller and Shirley M. Adams to James K. Webb and Paulina Laudan-Webb, 51 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Centre Township, $175,000.

Rosaura Cote to Steven K. and Jami L. Folk, 116 Winterson Drive, Hamburg , $235,000. James J. Withelder to Cartus Financial Corp., 103 N. Fifth St., Hamburg, $126,000. Cartus Financial Corp. to Bruce L. and Audrey M. Barlip, 103 N. Fifth St., Hamburg, $126,000.

Shirley J. Dietrich to George Apsokardu, 81 Pearl Road, $45,100. Jean E. Donnelly to Donna J. Chmielewski, 718 New Schaefferstown Road, Jefferson Township.

David Michael King to Tara L. Treadway, 125 Reeser St., Leesport, $154,000.

Tara L. Parzanese to Ricky R. and Tara L. Ernst, 123 W. Shackamaxon St, Leesport.

Tulpehocken Veterinary Group to UGI Energy Services Inc., Leesport Ave., Ontelaunee Township, $983,240.

Ezra D. Boarder and Faith I. Barlet to Ezra D. Border, 989 Mohrsville Road, Ontelaunee Township.

Forino Co. LP to Lewis A. and Rose J. Quaglia, 88 Calais Drive, Ontelaunee Township, $284,487.

Harold L. and Lynda M. Yoder to Walter and Maricel Kielkopf, 905 N. Garfield Road, Penn Township $207,990.

Gentile Homes Inc. to Gregory A. Fitzpatrick and Denyne J. Fitzpatrick, Lot 3 Ziegler Road, Penn Township, $90,000.

Jason L. and Heather L. Krill to Harold J. Krill and Jason Krill, 466 Scull Hill Loop, Penn Township.

John M. and Marie M. Hill to John M. and Marie M. Hill, 211 Fairview Road, Perry Township.

Esther Gonzalez to Peggy C. Phillips, 594 Water St., Shoemakersville, $112,785.

Alvin P.Adam II and Heather P. Adam to Heather P. Adam, 818 Main St., Shoemakersville.

Ronnie C. Folk to Dustin M. and Rebecca L. Folk, 588 Water St., Shoemakersville, $66,450.

C. Viola Yoder to Thomas J. and Lori K. Palubinski, Hazel St., Tilden Township, $5,000.

Estate of Wayne Schrack and Vera Schrack to Valerie May Henne and Bradley M. Manderbach, 2885 Mountain Road, Tilden Township, $10,000.

Christine A. Herrmann to Jon Larrabee and Wayne Johns, 1806 Mountain Road, Tilden Township, $196,000.

Estate of Lester L. Feick to Nathan I. Eby, 362 Feick Drive, Upper Bern Township, $505,000.

Ricky L. and Peggy C. Phillips to Ricky L. Phillips, 200 Hess Court, Windsor Township.

Chad R. Buchanan to Matthew J. Delong and Jennifer A. Delong, 1500 Mountain Road, Windsor Township and Hamburg, $84,900.

McWeeber LLC to Carlos Vargas-Aburto and Pamela Ann Vargas, 8 Brigham Way, Albany Township, $415,000.

Mark H. Williford and Jacqueline A. Kuzio-Williford to Michael P. and Donna J. Hock, 9 Ruen Road, Albany Township, $405,000.

Jerome K. and Kathryn G. Lengel to George H. Mertz III and Kimberly A. Mertz, 1080 Victory Circle, Bern Township, $375,000.

Estate of Daniel Howard Fisher to Kathleen J. Patton, 2201 Cullum Drive, Bern Township.

Dennis S. and Patricia A. Bross to Dennis S. and Patricia A. Bross, 780 Frystown Road, Bethel Township. Keith R. and Billi Jo Blatt to Keith R. Blatt, 50 Meckville Road, Bethel Township.

Santo A. Corolla Jr. and Tracy L. Corolla to Linda M. Wetzel, 632 Cornerstone Drive, Centre Township $242,000.

Jerry P. Clay to Jerry P. and Gloria L. Clay, 194 Tower Road, Centre Township.

Helen R. Reber to Robert D. Reed and Diane L. Quillman, Shoey Road, Centre Township, $100.

Sterling H. and Elizabeth M. Lutz to Benjamin C. Momose, 250 Washington St., Hamburg, $84,900.

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