David Stern and Coleen Stern to Michele Ford Turpin, 702 Country Lane, Caernarvon Township, $184,000.Peter D. Fraser and Douglas Fraser to Jeremy L. Holt, 20 Whitetail Pass, Caernarvon Township, V$235,000.

Estate of Earl Heffner to Riegel Real Estate LLC, 4805 Oak Parkway, Exeter Township, $136,000.

Diane M. Podiesny to Diane M. Blair, 28-2 Wister Way, Exeter Township.

Michael J. Sadowski and Abitail B. Sadowski to Danielle M. Hessler, 431 Dautrich Road, Exeter Township, $179,000.

Esther M. Koukoulis to Esther M. Koukoulis and Beverly J. Kovacs, 214 Seidel St., Exeter Township.

Ernest L. Teneyck and Dorothy Walker to Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County, 211 Dennis Drive, Exeter Township, $194,628.

Forino Co. LP to Howard C. Freitag and Annie M. Freitag, 25 Thayer Road, Exeter Township, $247,287.

Charles R. Williams and Andrea L. Williams to Charles R. Williams and Andrea L. Williams, 440 Stonetown Road, Exeter Township.

Culp Family Trust to Kathlene Tschudy, 4714 Alisan Road, Exeter Township, $108,000.

Servant Investments (Pennsylvania Beef) LLC to DRO LC, 4901 Perkiomen Ave., Exeter Township, $1,513,000.

NVR Inc. Ryan Homes to Lafayette DeCausey and Cheyenne DeCausey, 2302 Orchard View Road, Exeter Township, $194,864.

NVR Inc. Ryan Homes to Dennis L. Williams, 2305 Orchard View Road, Exeter Township, $177,215.

Louise Damiano and Kimberly Sinkbell to Joseph Harvey, 41 Christine Drive, Exeter Township, $129,900.

Estate of Luther G. Petitjean to Robert D. Petitgean, 431 S. Baumstown Road, Exeter Township.

Raser Industries Inc. to Brynvesta LLC, 455 Fairview Chapel Road, Exeter Township, $209,202.

Todd Swalm to Kurt Swalm, 247 Seidel St., Exeter Township.

Charles M. Humphrey to Laurie M. Yocum, 238 Constitution Ave., Exeter Township, $214,900.

Barry K. Rowe and Kimberly A. Rowe to Anthony Choudhry and Jennifer Choudhry, 34 Hayden Circle, Exeter Township, $290,000.

Nicole C. Morrison to Eric Morgan, 22-2 Heather Heights, Exeter Township, $129,700.

Judith A. Wunsch to Josh Lutzenburg, Walter Kropf and Jennie Kropf, 1212 Fox Run, Exeter Township, $85,000.

Saint Lawrence Borough to Joeph P. McDevitt and Kimberly R. McDevitt, Church Lane Road, Exeter Township.

Dodson E. Dreisbach to David W. Wolfe and Cheryl L. Wolfe, 3368 Main St., Robeson Township, $4,650.

David W. and Cheryl L. Wolfe to David W. and Cheryl L. Wolfe, South side of Main St., Robeson Township.

David B. Yeaworth and Tucker r. Yeaworth to Tucker R. Yeaworoth, 67 Golf Coourse Road, Robeson Township.

Yocum Trust to Charles E. Ludwig Jr., 1222 Old River Road, Robeson Township, $135,000.

Kenneth W. Lenhart and Patricia M. Lenhart to Adam C. Lenhart and Heidi N. Lenhart, Fire Tower Road, Union Township, $315,000.

Richard W. Coyle, Martha B. Coyle and John L. Batchelor to Berks County Consevancy, 579 Red Corner Road, Union Township.

Samuel A. DiGiosis and Christine A. DiGiosis to Rocco B. Matinozzi and Cheryl R. Martinozzi, 179 Red Corner Road, Union Township, $87,000.

Jared Paul and Jackie Paul to Stephen Sutton, Linda Sutton and Josephine Piccolo, 5039 Peach Blossom Drive, Amity Township, $352,500.

Heritage-High Meadow LP to Kenneth O. Moses and Rosemary Moses, 164 Meadowside Drive, Amity Township, $445,171.

Estate of Joseph P. Kowalski to James J. Kowalski, 20 Third St., Amity Township.

Heritage-High Meadow LP to John V. Eisenhart and Grace P. Eisenhart, 134 Meadowside Drive, Amity Township, $428,375.

Central Penn Property Services Inc. to Dennis M. Barndt, 202 Wynmead Lane, Amity Township, $208,000.

Charles F. Chambers IV and Rosanne M. Chambers to Charles F. Chambers IV and Rosanne M. Chambers, 506 Maplewood Drive, Amity Township.

Wolf Technologies LLC to American Crane & Equipment Corp., 551 Old Swede Road, Amity Township, $115,000.

Jackie T. Griesemer and Kandy M. Griesemer to Michael T. Griesemer, 143 Valley Road, Amity Township.

Sandra G. Wilson to Sandra G. and Dennis E. Wilson, 3 Terry Court, Amity Township.

Neal D. and Deborah E. Cressman to Neal D. Cressman, 283 Geiger Road, Amity Township.

Arthur G. Cressler and Maureen N. Cressler to Mitchell E. Peters Sr. and Mitchell E.

Peters Jr., 101 Martin Lane, Amity Township, $365,000.

Raymond W. Lauer Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Jeffery S. Stauss and Teresa A.

Stauss, 1503 Weavertown Road, Amity Township, $155,000.

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