Mike Zielinski

Mike Zielinski

Evil stalks America. It does not come alone. Frequently it is packing and packing big.

People are being slaughtered in a variety of supposedly benign venues, folks suddenly and horrifyingly turned into bloody corpses as the air around them grows still, dark, cold and full of dread.

Stores, festivals, concerts, schools, places of worship, movie theaters, workplaces, bars and restaurants are not secure from gun violence. We’re all sitting ducks and fish in a barrel no matter where we are.

Families are losing loved ones and lives are being ripped apart. For what?

America should no longer be held hostage by gun politics, dangling in a bloody web woven by the perpetual tug-of-war between gun control supporters and gun advocates as bullets strafe the innocents.

It’s way past time for common sense and a sense of survival to prevail. America is one large killing field and it must STOP.

There should be a federal ban on the manufacture, sale and importing of high-capacity assault weapons. The staggering body count demands it.

The recent weekend of infamy should shake every American to the core.

In an unprecedented 24 hours of carnage, mass shootings in El Paso, Texas on Saturday (Aug. 3) and Dayton, Ohio on Sunday (Aug. 4) brought the number of mass shootings in our country this year to an atrocious 251.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, those 251 mass shootings in a mere 216 days killed 520 people and injured at least 2,000 more.

The enormity of that waterfall of bloodshed is difficult to wrap your mind around.

How many more massacres frozen in malevolence will it take for legislators and governmental officials to reach the snapping point on comprehensive gun control and caulking the ooze of black-market artillery poisoning our land from overseas?

Granted, there always will be killers, mental cases and wackos out there. But they’ll kill a helluva lot fewer people without assault weapons

As a society, we’ve got way too much blood on our hands. And it will never wash off. Hot lead shouldn’t be getting frequent flyer miles in a civilized society.

Mike Zielinski, a resident of Berks County, is a columnist, novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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