Nearly half of the reserved and undistributed equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) in Amity Township would go toward commercial development or a local business expansion. The information was obtained Sept. 7 from the town-ship's reserved EDU list, which is a public document.The commercial EDU requests include 34 for the Monocacy Pointe Development age-restrictive community, 20 for the assisted living center at Monocacy Creek Road and Route 422, and 55 for two different developers for future commercial development along Route 422. The list also includes EDU requests for business expansions in Amity and Union townships.

Amity's EDU list increased from 1,037 at the end of 2006 to 1,214 on June 18. Of the 521 EDUs on the list for commercial, 262 would go to Union Township's Vistas at Riverside age-restrictive community and some retail operations. Amity Township has set aside 150 EDUs for its own commercial build-out and for failing septic systems.

New commercial development within the Daniel Boone School District would offset the increasing millage and property taxes from the school district. The district is building its third new building since 2002 in reaction to local residential growth. The Monocacy Elementary Center will open next September to 450 students and new staff and teachers.

The EDU list includes 489 requests by home builders-300 EDUs for the 200-unit planned residential development on Amity Park Road, 131 EDUs for the Schmale Farm property, Pine Forge Road, 63 to Union Township, and the balance to smaller residential projects.

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