Guest speaker Ruth Bush came to speak to the art class on Feb. 23. She is an artist, illustrator, and designer beginning out in Kutztown University. In the 1980s she was called by Hasbro to design packaging for products. Most notably she did the package design for the generation one of My Little Pony.

Back then computers were not used and so all the packages had to be hand drawn. When designing the packages, the ones designing it would have to make sure the logo could be seen everywhere and the graphics were not too big, while at the same time making sure to have the clear section, so that the product could be seen. Ruth worked from Rhode Island during this time, creating the packages all by hand.

During her presentation she showed the class some of her original sketches before finalizing them for packaging. Ruth also helped design play sets and showed ones that never reached the shelves. She was able to provide the students with a behind the making view. They were able to learn what all the designing was like prior to computers with designing programs.

After covering the basics of what she does, Ruth dove into her appreciation of art. For six years, she spent creating paintings for various places in Las Vegas, so she understands the true appreciation of art. She talked to the students about following their own passion in arts and how each field of art is very important.

Ruth covered how once a path is discovered that one knows is their passion, they should follow it to their fullest ability. Life is a puzzle and each piece connects to another, so take the chance when it comes. It can never be certain where one thing will lead. Art is not always appreciated and is overlooked, so she believes it is important for the students to lead the way in the future of art. It is up to them to make sure art is appreciated and they will demonstrate that with their art work, creating a voice for the world.

There are all different types and forms of art. Some prefer painting or drawing, while others take on the field like Ruth did for commercial and advertising arts. Much of the commercial and advertising arts are not thought about nor really appreciated. That is why Ruth loves sharing her work with others, so they can learn where packaging comes from. It helps bring attention to the art field not thought about too much and gives it the appreciation it deserves.

Ruth Bush was local to the area and so the Hamburg Gallery features some of her art work.

To see some of Ruth’s creations visit,

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