FIREARM PREVENTION TIPS€¢ Children should not have access to firearms. A gun in the home can be a danger to children. Parents should seriously weigh the risks of keeping a gun in the home.

€¢ Gun owners should always store firearms (including BB or pellet guns) unloaded and locked up, out of reach of children. Ammunition should be locked in a separate location, also out of reach of children. Quality safety devices such as gun locks lock boxes or gun safes should be used for every gun kept in the home. Keep gun storage keys and lock combinations hidden in a separate location.

€¢ Parents should talk to children about the dangers of guns, teach children never to touch or play with guns, and teach them to tell an adult if they find a gun.

€¢ Parents should check with neighbors, friends or relatives ' or adults in any other homes where children may visit ' to ensure they follow safe storage practices if firearms are in their homes.

(From Safe Kids WorldWide '

Guard CS-100. This is the first and only patented child safety device for firearms.

The Child Guard CS-100 fits rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers. According to Child Guard, "there is nothing in front of the trigger that can fire the gun, nothing down the barrel that can scratch or damage the barrel, and no floppy cable that can damage the finish of many firearms."

The appliance is also lightweight and is made of tungsten carbide.

"We are not trying to sell the product. We want people to be safe," explained Sarpen.

To learn more about Child Guard, visit, or call toll-free: 1-866-381-4882.

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