Avery Kubacki, a fifth-grade student at Schuylkill Valley

Avery Kubacki is a fifth-grader at Schuylkill Valley School District.

Last spring, students in Mrs. Amy Shuman’s fourth-grade class at Schuylkill Valley Elementary School were given an assignment to write a persuasive article for a community newspaper. The goal was to teach students that activists who want to see a change or make a difference in the world often write persuasive articles to convince the community to join their cause.

Avery Kubacki, 10, the daughter of Seth and Sara Kubacki of Ontelaunee Township, tackled the complex issue of pollution. Avery is currently a fifth-grade student at Schuylkill Valley.

"Pollution" by Avery Kubacki

Pollution is something you hear about almost every day. So many people don’t realize the damage they are doing. Just a single piece of trash can harm the Earth, in fact, it does no matter what.

You may think, I’m just a ten-year-old, I certainly don’t have an opinion. That is very false. Even you might not understand me, or listen to me just because of my age. Here’s my opinion on what we can do to help our beautiful planet.

First off, we can start by littering less. This is one of the most effective yet easiest things we can do to help stop pollution. Did you know that 9 billion tons of trash is dumped into the ocean per year? Our sea life now has to pay for our mistakes. If that is not wrong, I don’t know what is. If you want to help Earth easily, not littering is definitely the way for you! Before you throw something out the window into the world you must think to yourself, “This may cost you your whole life, when pollution becomes a bigger problem.”

Second, recycle things like cardboard and plastic. This is another simple way to help our Earth. Recycling everything you can is very important to help stop pollution. Only 9% out of each 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic is recycled. Instead of littering, recycle your items! Reuse them! Everything can have another purpose. You can make something new out of anything you find!

Lastly, pick up trash that you see anywhere, from the side of the road to your neighborhood park. This is a win-win option. On the one hand, you get to go outside. On the other hand, our planet gets cleaned up. Just a few hours of picking up any type of trash counts.

Some people think that COVID-19 has been nothing but negative. They’re wrong! This brutal pandemic is very unique and challenging for us all, but it has put a major halt on pollution!

It has been proven that NO2 emissions in Central China have reduced by 30%. CO2 has decreased by 6% worldwide! But, we are already falling back into our old habits.

National Geographic says, “In China, pollution has returned to its pre-coronavirus range.”

That cannot happen! No matter how long it takes for this to end, we must come back strong! We have to keep Earth like this, nice and trash-free! Join me, just by doing at least one thing on this list. Do not litter, recycle, and pick up trash! Let’s fight for our planet together as one!

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