From Item SourcesThe Senate on April 29 approved a resolution honoring a program that provides financial career training for disabled veterans.

The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation offers a financial and trading education program to provide more career opportunities for members of the Armed Forces who have suffered a combat-related disability. The program is open to any military veteran who has experienced combat-related injuries while serving on active duty, as well as veterans who are eligible for federal or state service-related disability benefits.

"Our fighting men and women in the U.S. military deserve our deepest appreciation for their service, and I commend the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation for working to improve the quality of life for those who have sacrificed so much for our nation," Argall said. "It is important that we honor our local heroes, and I salute the efforts of this organization to help some of our bravest citizens excel in their post-military careers."

Argall and his colleagues in the General Assembly welcomed the first two participants in the program to the Capitol today, United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant John Jones of Colorado and Pennsylvania Army National Guard Master Sergeant George Holmes of Schuylkill Haven. The resolution is the first introduced by Senator David Argall (R-29), who took office in March.

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