In sports, teams flirt with success all the time. One year they're good, one year they're mediocre, the next year they're bad, and the following year they're on top of things again. It can happen to any team at any time, and in 2007, unfortunately, it has happened to the Daniel Boone High School field hockey team.However, having a 3-9-2 overall record in 2007 doesn't deter the team, or their captain Lindsay Shestok, from coming out each game and giving it their all. Coach Leslie Wilson said that the team has played to their potential, but has just come up a little short in games this year. However, one of the leaders on the team who has kept her head high through it all is Shestok.

The senior started her field hockey career early. She began playing the sport the summer before her seventh grade year, and she has been giving it her all ever since.

Shestok is interested in the sport because it helps her with the other sport she plays in high school, which is softball.

"I actually just like to stay in shape for my other sports, and also I always love playing the game."

Shestok commented a little bit on the differences between the two sports.

"For field hockey, you have to be in a lot better shape because there's a lot more running involved. For softball, conditioning and running are most important."

Also touched on were the differences in mentality between the two sports.

"With softball, there are a lot more mental mistakes you can make, but with field hockey, there aren't that many things that you can lapse on."

There have also been a few people who have helped Lindsay develop along the way as a field hockey player.

"Back in middle school, my coach, Mrs. Germani, was a big part of my development. Then, Mrs. Logan was also a big help. Now that Ms. Wilson has taken over, I have definitely learned a lot from her."

Shestok added that Wilson taught her the set up of the game and the skill work. He hard work had paid off as she has made great strides in her game from her sophomore year to today.

"Back when I was in tenth grade, I really wasn't as developed as a player. Now that I'm a senior, I'm a captain and she has made me step up my leadership and has pushed me to be the best that I can be today."

Coach Wilson commented that Lindsay is a finesse player, has a good touch on the ball, makes great decisions on the field, and has been one of the team's primary scorers for the past three years.

Wilson also said that Shestok's play has progressed in the last three years.

"Last year she surprised me. She was always a strong player, but also a little bit timid. Last year she started stepping it up, and this year she has been a very strong presence on the team. She came out of her shell a little bit, and overall, she is a great kid."

Teammates are another help in the senior's development, and Shestok said that a few of them have helped her in her high school career.

"Tabby Davis has played the same amount of time that I have, and we've always worked well together, and we're always there for each other."

Leadership is another thing that was spoke about, and the senior said that she doesn't feel any pressure at all to be a leader on the team.

"When I was first appointed captain, I was kind of nervous, but I love all the girls, and we're all one big family. There is absolutely no pressure at all."

She added that she is both a leader who is vocal and one that would lead by example.

"I'm very vocal when I'm out on the field, and I try to encourage the girls. But I also think that the younger girls look up to me as well as the other captains on the team."

Her leadership is important this year, because the team is 3-9-2, opposed to last year, when the team finished 8-8-1 overall, and made it one game short of the state tournament. However, she said that despite the poor record, she tries to keep every-one's head up.

"I know last year it seems like we were a lot better because we were winning games, but this year, I think we are more together as a team. Even though we lost all those games, we never gave up, and there's never any bickering. We're always trying to hold it together and we're not giving up for the rest of this season."

Despite the team's drastic downturn from last year, and the loss of two seniors, Casie Baer and Kelly Simmons, Shestok said that there is a lot of skill and talent on the team, enough to get the squad back on its feet. She said that the team is going to win their remaining games, no matter what happens.

Coach Wilson added to that by saying the team was at a stage now where they are looking to be spoilers for other teams.

"All the pressure has been lifted from the team. I think they're going to go out there and play as a team. I think they'll do well."

She added that Shestok will continue to be an aggressive player for the rest of the season, and not give up. The rest of the team will follow.

The one message that Shestok wants to leave with the girls that are coming up is to never give up and to stay together.

"They are going to go far in years to come. All they have to do is work as a team, be all they can be, and I know one day they'll be in the state championship if we're not in it this year."

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