The Keystone Fire Company No. 1 of Shillington was the recipient of two Scott Sight in-mask thermal imaging systems donated by the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund.

Scott Sight is a first-of-its-kind thermal in-mask system. A mask-mounted thermal imaging camera displays the thermal image on an in-mask display via a Bluetooth connection. The two devices were from the first shipment of Scott Sight in-mask thermal imagers to Berks County reported Tim Yoder of Mid Atlantic Fire and Air, a Reading based company, who delivered the devices.

Firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras since the 1990s to see through the thick smoke often encountered during fires. Advancements in thermal imaging technology have now reduced the size of the components and enabled new applications. Scott Safety’s “Scott Sight” revolutionary design integrates a lightweight camera and display in the firefighter’s mask, keeping the thermal image in view at all times. With this technology incorporated into the self-contained breathing apparatus mask, the firefighter’s hands are free to rescue trapped persons, aid downed firefighters, and continue to limit fire damage while making use of the technology.

Alecia Pagerly Eberly, presented the devices to Keystone Fire Company No. 1 of Shillington Deputy Chief Timothy Deamer at the starting line of the Oct. 9 Kyle Pagerly 5k Memorial Run/Walk.

The donation honors and remembers Deputy Kyle Pagerly’s dedication to the fire service, having served as a Lieutenant in the Township of Spring Volunteer Fire Department.

“These devices deliver a new set of capabilities to increase the level of safety and drive situational awareness to every firefighter that will use them,” said Deputy Chief Deamer. The firefighters were anxious to put this new technology into service after training with the devices.

In 1999 the Shillington Fire Department was the first in Berks County to begin using thermal imaging technology. Today nearly all Berks fire companies have access to hand-held thermal imaging devices.

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