The Shoemakersville Area Lions Club installed Christmas lights throughout Shoemakersville on Saturday, Nov. 26.

The members of the Lions Club involved were President Brian Maroney, Irwin Levan, Gary Rothermel, David Geschwindt, Pat Daly, Harry Sproesser, and James Seifert. They were assisted by Justin Wall, from Wiring by Wall, who supplied and operated a bucket truck, used in hoisting the Christmas lights up to Chris Klein of Shoemakersville, who installed the Christmas lights. Chris Klein also was assisted by his son Alex, a student at Hamburg High School.

The Shoemakersville Area Lions Club not only installs the Christmas lights, but also pays for the electric used by the Christmas lights.

The Shoemakersville Area Lions Club will provide Santa coming to the Perry Elementary School on Dec. 9 and Santa in his sleigh, pulled by his reindeer, will also visit the children of Shoemakersville on Sunday, Dec. 18. Anyone interested in having a visit from Santa on Dec. 18 can contact Gary Rothermel at 610-562-7620.

The Shoemakersville Area Lions Club will also have their Annual Christmas party for the members on Dec. 10 at the Blue Mountain Restaurant at Shartlesville. Contact Mickie Sproesser at 610-562-8401 if you plan to attend.

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