Sinking Spring Borough Council unanimously approved for Wynnewood and Ralph avenues to remain one-way streets. The approval included authorizing Borough Solicitor Charles Fitzpatrick to draft an ordinance amendment.

Wynnewood Avenue is one-way going south from Penn Avenue and Ralph Avenue is one-way going north from Ruth Street.

"We know it's an inconvenience, but we need to get the fire trucks down the street as soon as possible," said Council Chairman George Butkus.

There will be a public hearing prior to changing the ordinance.

In other business, council and Police Chief William Ulrich said they would continue to investigate the dog barking nuisance at 32 S. Hull Street, as well as property maintenance violations regarding disposal of the dogs' feces material.

Four residents of the street requested that borough officials take action against the dogs they say bark throughout the day and night and which occasionally run loose.

Ulrich said borough police have cited the dog's owners for the nuisance 10 times since the end of October. He said there are more citations pending.

Ulrich said the borough's ordinance states that police may apprehend any dog that is running loose. Police may not enter a property and seize an animal.

"We would be happy to come get the dogs if you find them outside their yard," said Ulrich.

Council has unanimously approved the $4,200 cost to participate in the Route 422 traffic study with South Heidelberg Township.

Traffic engineer McMahon Associates, Inc., Mechanicsburg, recommended a three-part study of Route 422. The study would involve an initial evaluation of the corridor, equipment modifications and PennDOT permitting, and third, consideration of a closed loop or digital system.

McMahon said last October the initial study would cost approximately $13,400. Equipment modifications could cost approximately $50,000 per intersection. The total project cost could be about $1 million.

A closed loop system would retime the intersection lights and control the traffic electronically.

Local borough and municipal officials want to improve traffic flow from the Borough of Sinking Spring through South Heidelberg Township, and through the boroughs of Wernersville and Robesonia.

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