Snap Fitness of Douglassville is adding new ways for guests to achieve their personal fitness goals with the introduction of MYZONE heart rate monitoring technology.

The gym, which is open 24/7 to members, is now selling bluetooth MYZONE heart rate monitors that can help clients gauge the intensity of their workouts in real time — giving them the opportunity to show live data on their phones.

Lead Personal Trainer Adam Schanely, who advocated for the use of the product following his own experience with heart rate technology, mentions that it is one of the most accurate pieces of equipment on the market.

“The monitor actually reads electrical impulses from your heart, which is way more accurate than a wristwatch monitor,” said Schanely. “It is showing you exactly what your heart is doing, and that’s what originally drew me to the product.”

Being sold to members for $99, the monitor is a small, non-intrusive band that the user puts around their chest. The MYZONE band is also a smart device that works for each user based on their age and body weight.

The free MYZONE app, available for iPhone or android, lets users create an account so they can view their statistics in real time while exercising, such as heart rate, calories burned and percentage of max heart rate. Clients can use the bluetooth capability to view live statistics on their phones or on one of the gym’s three flat screen televisions. Guests are able to see exactly what heart rate zone they are in at any given time during their workout.

The technology can be used outside of the gym, and stores up to 16 hours of data while not connected to the internet.

Gym owner John Stockton, who has been franchising the Snap Fitness in Douglassville since 2008, said the addition of MYZONE technology is integral to helping members achieve their goals and track how hard they are working.

“We always want to continue improving the experience of our members. We aren’t here to rent people equipment, we’re here to help people achieve results. And this is a tool to help clients get their results.”

Stockton originally saw the MYZONE band at a Snap Fitness Convention in 2013, but at the time it was not yet bluetooth or wifi capable. Over the past few years, the monitor has become more developed, and Schanely began to look into the technology for his clients as well.

“Knowing that heart rate training was integral to my own success, and knowing that it would be integral to my clients’ success, I urged John to look into it further,” said Schanely.

Schanley tested the monitor himself, and also with his small group fitness classes for a month before it was available to purchase by all members.

Currently, he develops monthly challenges for those who have the heart rate belt. Members compete to earn the most MYZONE effort points (MEPS) — which are points given to users during their workout based on how hard their heart is working. The closer a person is exercising to their maximum heart rate, the more MYZONE effort points they will earn per minute.

“Every month I will put a challenge out,” said Schanely. “Last month, the person that developed the most amount of MEPS won a free T-shirt and bragging rights.”

Snap Fitness is open all year, 24 hours a day, and is in its tenth year of operation in the Douglassville area. Members must have their membership card in order to get through the front doors, but are welcome to use the equipment and services at any time.

In March of 2013, the club expanded in size and equipment to meet a growing client base. The gym also added Fitness on Demand — which allows members to pick from a large collection of fitness video classes at the touch of a button. Guests can watch the video classes on a large screen, and follow along with instructors.

Stockton said that the recent addition of the MYZONE technology is the next step forward for the club.

“We will continue to evolve our concept here. The focus is always on helping the member achieve results. Heart rate technology is at the forefront of the industry, and experts see it’s a really good way to measure the intensity of workout.”

Snap Fitness is located at 180 Old Swede Road in Douglassville. For information about the club, call 610-385-5555, email, or visit

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