The students involved in the Blazer project were Jaydon Leisure, Erin Goudie, Taran Hartwell, Jayce Leisure, Julianna Michaels, Caitlyn Koch, Alyssa Wentzel, John Demers, Zoe Sweet, Ciennali Gonzalez and, missing from picture, Austin Harris.

UNION TOWNSHIP — Twelve students from Daniel Boone High School's Christian Student Fellowship met on Nov. 20 to complete a service project.

They started planning this project in September with the help of Mr. McKnight and Mr. Blankenbiller. They measured a plot of land outside the high school and laid out rocks to spell the word "BLAZERS."

They still had a pile of rocks left afterward, so the students then laid a border surrounding the words and a path alongside the railings. Once the huge pile of rocks was gone, the students were able to spray paint the letters blue and white to represent the school’s colors.

The end result was a well-done design to make the front of the high school look better.

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