Democratic candidate Russell Diesinger announced Thursday that he is withdrawing from the race for the 130th District seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

In a press release issued Thursday afternoon, Diesinger said he was withdrawing because 'My campaign and my ideas for new priorities for state government have generated little interest from the electorate in the district nor financial support from my own party.'

'The inequalities created by a system that so heavily favors the incumbent by its very design make it futile for me to continue. Without the necessary financial backing it is impossible to get the campaign's message out to all of the voters in the district. Because of my current campaign finances, the recent redistricting and its impact on the district's make-up, as well as the number of unopposed political contests within the county and throughout the state, I have come to the conclusion that I would not be an effective representative in the current political culture in Pennsylvania.'

Diesinger went on to thank his supporters and stated he would be returning any political donations to his campaign 'in their entirety.'

Diesinger was unopposed in the primary election. He was to run against incumbent state Rep. David Maloney, who is running on the Republian ticket. His withdrawal leaves Maloney unopposed in the fall election.

The 130th District represents Amity, Birdsboro, Boyertown, Colebrookdale, Douglass Township, Earl Township, part of Exeter Township, Fleetwood, Oley, Pike Township, Rockland, Ruscombmanor and Union Township.

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