William (Bill) Burkhart's family, friends and community will come together on May 17 to help raise money for medical expenses that he has and will continue to incur from a catastrophic injury he suffered last fall.

Bill was a Pottstown school bus driver at the time of accident and is a lifelong resident of the Birdsboro/Douglassville area.

He was picking his dog up from the groomer on September 16 when he fell walking to his car and broke his neck at C3-C4 resulting in a severely damaged spinal cord. This injury has left him a quadriplegic and unable to care for himself. His family brought him home from rehab on December 21 and have worked tirelessly to give him the best care they can.

Unfortunately they are unable to keep up with the mounting out of pocket expenses that are associated with this type of injury. William needs round the clock care and this service is not covered by insurance. He also has medicine copays and uncovered supplies that are quite expensive to keep up with. Statistically someone with this type of injury can expect to have medical costs be about 1 million doll ars in the first year alone. His wife of 50 years, Dorothy, and their children just can't do this alone and are asking their community for help.

You can help by attending the pig roast they are having 3 to 8 p.m. May 17 at Sleepy Hollow athletic club in Mohnton. (Right off of Route 10.) Tickets can be purchased in advance through PayPal using the following email Sburk71@ptd.net.

Donations are also being accepted. You can also contact Chris Allen at 610-506-7445 or cla12170@comcast.net for more information.

Thank you and please join us in helping Bill with a fun night of food, drinks, raffles and music.

Submitted by the Burkhart family

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