As the school year comes to a close, Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Teacher Donna Strobel is just getting started on a new adventure. Strobel, who is in her twentieth year of teaching in the Governor Mifflin School District, just had her first children's book published. A Fish Tale About Size and Choices was written by Strobel and illustrated by her cousin Judy Link Cuddehe and is available for purchase on

The book was inspired by Strobel's family goldfish, a carnival prize that became a long-time family pet.

'Everyone kept saying the fish would not live more than a few days, but it lived a long time and it kept growing. It became such a staple in our household that we used to take the fish on family vacations,' Strobel recalled.

The story incorporates a message of individuality and sharing one's gifts with others.

'I really saw it as a message that we all have talents, abilities we can expand upon and opportunities to contribute to someone's day,' Strobel said.

Strobel describes her path to publishing as a serendipitous journey starting more than seven years ago. Cuddehe, who had worked on other books in the past, approached Strobel about writing a story. Strobel, who regularly journals her ideas, shared the fish story. Last year, Cuddehe began illustrations and the process moved quickly to the published version, which was released in May.

'I hope people enjoy the book and can take something from it,' said Strobel.

From Governor Mifflin School District

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