Have you ever kissed a horse? Pet lovers came out for a day of fun events, which included two horse-kissing stations, at The Animal Rescue League of Berks County for their first Helping Horses Open Barn Day on Saturday, April 26.

With just a donation of $5, people of all ages lined up to give mini-horse, Oliver, a big fat smooch on his face.

'We have three horses in residence at the ARL,' Beth Ireland, marketing and communications director, said. Candy, a Thoroughbred mare, is one of the residential horses available for kisses.

Across the nation, horse rescue facilities hosted a day of events in honor of Help A Horse Day to win one of the $10,000 grants offered through the ASPCA. The day started with pasture cleanup, and demonstrations about the barn, horses, and the process of rescuing and rehabbing the animals were offered throughout the day.

Face painting and horseshoe painting activities were available for the children.

For more information on the Animal Rescue League, visit berksarl.org.

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