Kutztown sisters selected as Kid Sports Reporters for a Day

Submitted archive photo ¬ Sora, 8, and Aiyana Debello, 10, Kutztown, in costume for "A Christmas Carol" at The Allentown Civic Theatre.

Kutztown sisters Aiyana Debello, 11, and Sora Debello, 8, were selected to represent Berks-Mont Newspapers this Sunday, April 7 as our 'Kid Reporters' as the Philadelphia Wings take on the Minnesota Swarm in indoor lacrosse action.

'Thank you for choosing both of us! I am really excited to go and watch the game and interview the players. I already have a couple of questions that I am going to ask. I am really excited to go,' wrote Sora and Aiyana after being selected.

Sora wrote in her entry that she wanted to practice interviewing, reporting and writing.

'And I want to meet new people and adults. I also want to learn more about lacrosse from the Wings players. I want to then tell my friends about it.'

Aiyana wrote in her entry that she thinks the experience would benefit her with her public speaking.

'It would be an amazing opportunity to learn about a sport. I'll have some questions ready for the players,' wrote Aiyana. 'I love to write and I think it would be amazing to learn about how lacrosse has helped or possibly changed the players' lives. It would be interesting to learn how the players have grown to play lacrosse and what lacrosse has done to create their sports career.'

Our 'Kid Reporters' will get to meet with some of the Wings players at the April 7 game at the Wells Fargo Center vs. the Minnesota Swarm, along with a tour of the press box, educational workbook and the chance to observe the post-game press conference.Our reporter also will write a short article for Berks-Mont Newspapers. A photo also will be taken of the 'Kid Reporters' with the players.

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