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Author Theresa E. Cocci

Author Theresa E. Cocci of Exeter, and formerly of Phoenixville, released her first children’s book "Henry the Hungry Hound," a story that combines music and literacy to both entertain and teach life lessons.

The book is illustrated by Tammy Updegrove, illustrator of RR Books, Greyhound Love series, and the Endangered Animals Series.

With a bachelor of science in elementary education and certification as an Orff-Schulwerk music instructor, a developmental approach that combines music, movement, drama, and speech, Cocci created the book as a resource for parents, homeschoolers, librarians and teachers.

This interactive book includes a downloadable song that accompanies the story and an activity kit with instructions and resources for suggested activities that create a very tactile experience for young readers.

One of the book’s most popular activities encourages children to listen for queue words that indicate when to play a musical instrument, which helps improve focus and listening skills. Children can also discuss how to solve problems within the story, consider ways to be kind like the old woman, predict the outcome of the story, learn how to rhyme, and so much more.

As the story is read, children participate in activities and discover ways to promote kindness, solve problems, improve focus and more while enjoying a fun story about a mischievous but lovable pup named Henry and a very kind and patient old woman who enjoys baking pies.

The story was inspired by Cocci’s dogs, Henry and Molly. Cocci said, “For years, I weaved stories of Henry’s naughty adventures into lessons in my classroom. The kids really related to Henry and enjoyed hearing stories about someone else getting into trouble.”

Since its release in November 2018, Cocci has taken the story and its activities to schools and libraries throughout Berks County and beyond and received rave reviews.

And guess what? Henry’s story isn’t over. Check for more information about Cocci and her current book along with updates about new book releases.

Henry the Hungry Hound is available for purchase at and


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