It's summertime - and for many people, that means taking vacations. But for some people, they just can't take a vacation.

These people are the ones who work for the Miller-Keystone Blood Center or those who need blood. The need for blood never takes a vacation, but many people forget that in the summer months.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center is always in need of blood. Right now, their supply is adequate and stable.

'We're not short. We're a little bit below the daily need,' Joseph Yelo, vice president of administration at Miller-Keystone Blood Center said.

That 'daily need' is 500 donors a day to supply the area hospitals. Every two seconds, someone somewhere is getting a blood transfusion. One reason for the seasonal decrease in the amount of donated blood is that 15 percent of the blood gathered is from local high schools and colleges during the school year.

Keystone-Miller Blood Center encourages willing and able volunteers to give blood and to host blood drives during the summer to keep the blood levels up. All blood donated will be used in the community hospitals in Berks County.

The Reading Area donor center is at 2745 A Leiscz's Bridge Road, Reading, which is open Monday through Saturday. They can be reached at 610-926-6060 or at 800-486-2566. In addition, community blood drives are scheduled. To find out how you can help a patient today, please visit to find a blood drive location or to schedule an appointment.

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