Amity Township Supervisor, Robert. R. Yanos finished his second, six-year term on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Yanos, 54, a Republic, who was born and raised in Douglassville, also served as board chairman for six years and was on the Planning Commission for four years.

Township resident Dave Hackett, age 55, also a Republican, was voted in the November ______ election to replace Yanos on the board.

Hackett has lived in Douglassville for 11 years with his wife, Tina, and their three children: Melissa, age 28; Alex, 11, and Emma Rose, 9.

Yanos and his wife, Kelly, operate a farm off of Amity Park Road.

Last April he said he was running for a third term in order to continue to hold the line on taxes.

'I want to hold the line on taxes -- of which I never raised during my 12 years on the board.'

The board recently approved to increase the township's fire tax from .5 mills to .65 mills, for a total 2014 millage rate of 1.95.

Taxes will increase $15 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

Annual tax payments on a $100,000 assessed-property will be $195 versus the previous millage rate of $180.

Taxes had remained at 1.8 mills for a number of years, with .4 mills funding the Amity and Monarch fire departments' equipment costs, and .1 mill funding fire hydrant service, for a total of .5 for fire service.

'I'm also running because of the excessively high school taxes, which are a burden to people,' said Yanos in April. 'The easiest thing is to say 'yes' to raising taxes, the hardest part is to say 'no,' but you have to say no.'

The Daniel Boone School District's current millage rate is 28.9618 mills.

Property taxes are $2,896.18 for every $100,000 of assessed value.

Yanos has been a proponent of encouraging new commercial development in the Daniel Boone School District that would offset the high property taxes.

He helped the board and the Planning Commission establish the Amity Township Western Industrial Park (AWIP) that is comprised of four large and 12 smaller land parcels on Limekiln Road.

Township Manager Charles E. Lyon said recently there has been interest and commercial inquiries for purchasing lots at AWIP.

'One thing I find a little ironic is that I was certainly labeled as pro development my first term in office -- driven by the economy -- and now in my second term there are probably more houses due to rezoning (by the board) that were removed.'

'You had a vision for the township and everyone, whether they realize it or not, benefited from it also.,' said Lyon.

Supervisor Terry L. Jones said no one can take away Yanos' dedication to the township.

'You should be commended for your dedication to this township and to your time on this board,' said Jones.

Supervisor Richard L. Gokey said he has always appreciated Yanos' providing the alternative view of topics, and that he will miss Yanos on the board.

'I have always admired former President Ronald Reagan,' said Yanos, 'so in his words, 'Good night and God bless America.'

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