Exeter Township's Board of Supervisors voted to approve an agreement with Pennsylvania American Water to impose a shutoff and reactivation fee for delinquent sewer bills on July 27.ˆ ˆ 

Property owners with overdue bills will be charged $30 for each service.

The new agreement will provide some added motivation to pay for those who wish to avoid the loss of sewer service and incur extra charges. Previously, the township had been issuing written notices to residents to set-up payment options.

'I think it's a good tool in our toolbox,' said Lisa Ciotti.

'I don't think we have to use it, but it's another tool to have,' Ciotti said.

In other business:

€¢ Members of the board decided not to pursue an opportunity that would reduce the short-term costs of underperforming police and non-uniformed pension plans.ˆ 

The procedure, called asset smoothing, would take losses in the pension plans and spread them out over several years rather than taking the financial hit all at once.

Township Manager Troy S. Bingaman acknowledged that it is a risky move.

'All that is doing is pushing our financial burden off into the future,' he said.

'It doesn't sound like a good plan to me,' said Bingaman.

€¢ The Reading Country Club and Castle Grill:ˆ It's got a ring to it.ˆ The Castle Grill was revealed as the new name for the eatery, which is managed by Chef Alan's Inc.ˆ 

This is the latest in a series of updates and changes since the Township assumed control of the Reading Country Club earlier this year.

Upgrades to the woodwork at the Clubhouse are moving along.ˆ  A motion to accept a proposal by T.A. Kozlowski, Inc to replace rotted windows and repair some work, at a cost of $9,214, was approved.

€¢ The Exeter Farmer's Market is gaining in popularity among residents and vendors alike.ˆ 

Supervisor Michelle Kircher said that there has been an average of 450 people each Saturday and more vendors may be coming on board soon.

'We're having people come back week after week,' Kircher said. 'We're having a good time.'

€¢ Kircher noted that the Exeter Community Library has also been popular, posting a circulation of 35,386 during the month of June.

'That's an all time record,' Kircher said.

€¢ While still months away, a motion to adopt the annual Halloween curfew and Trick-or-Treat resolution was approved. From Oct. 23 to Nov. 1 a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. has been set.ˆ  Designated Trick-or-Treat nights are Oct. 30 and 31.

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