Hunger knows no season.

Many people struggle with deciding to put gas in the car so they can work, pay one of several utility bills, or put food on the table for their family. The Exeter Community Library, 4565 Prestwick Drive, is excited to participate in the first ever Exeter “Souper” Bowl to help these families, our neighbors, in need.

Just in time for the NFL Super Bowl, the Exeter “Souper” Bowl is a food and toiletries drive for the Exeter Area Food Pantry. Only this drive has a special incentive. Participants who donate food or toiletry items can vote for one of the two football teams in this year’s NFL Super Bowl by placing items in the box with their team logo.

Each item earns points, depending on the item. "Top Priority Items" each earn two points since they are in great need for the food pantry, see list below. All other items, which are still needed and appreciated, earn one point.

Who will win the inaugural Exeter “Souper Bowl”? Your donations will decide!

The Exeter “Souper” Bowl runs Jan. 22 to Jan. 31 at the library. Stop by with your donations and vote for your NFL Super Bowl team! And while you’re watching the big game, know that you helped a neighbor in need.

All items will be donated to the Exeter Area Food Pantry.

Top Priority Needs are: Spam, canned chicken, toilet paper, paper towels, canned fruit, canned vegetables, soup, tissues, toothpaste, deodorant.


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