To celebrate the summer solstice, residents at The Heritage of Green Hills in Shillington, Berks County, engaged in an epic and silly summer snowball fight.

Armed with homemade yarn “snowballs,” mask-wearing seniors at the healthy life plan community pelted a “crazy penguin” (Well By Design Director Cheryl Anderson dressed in a costume) zooming around on the back of a truck.

Christina Orlando, a server in the community’s food and beverage department, assisted the penguin in throwing snowballs back at the residents.

“While staying safe is our top priority at The Heritage of Green Hills, we understand that having fun is an important part of wellness,” Anderson said. “It’s great to get outside, get active and get in some healthy laughter, too!”

After the socially-distant mock battle ended, the snowballs were repurposed for use in a treasure hunt. Anderson transformed the balls of yarn into hedgehogs by adding noses and googly eyes, and hid them around the campus for residents to find in the coming days.

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